Seeing #yxe bars/restaurants empty tells me that they will not survive this winter. The cash burn must be astronomical. Now is when university would be returning (ie: a month they actually would profit). Anyone who thinks the economy is stable or rebounding is a fool. #skpoli
We are staying at a (usually) $180 per night hotel. $150 with a $50 food and beverage credit. Waterslide/pools empty. Our kids are the only ones. Only a fool thinks businesses will “hunker down and weather the storm”.
Businesses where most will not survive the winter in the current economy:
- hotels
- restaurants
- movie theatres
- brick and mortar stores
- business that serve the above
- cities/municipalities (see taxes paid by 👆)

@SKGov @SaskHealth

#skpoli #cdnpoli
When we learn that one covid risk mitigation practice has little value, we can’t leave it in place “just in case”. We also need to tell people what IS safe. I keep hearing that mitigation is *science-based. And when that doesn’t work it is based on respect for others.
I’m telling you that we can afford one or the other. And science, not being definitive or constant, needs to be revised as knowledge is gained.
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