Yet another major journalist had ALL my extensive quotes taken out of his article, until the article itself barely says anything. This is from the “liberal” mainstream media: censorship is a “red alert” sign of autocracy.
It is not just “editing”: why else would 100% of my quotes or major interviews be killed from a half-dozen major outlets? Why would about 200 op-eds collectively from us be 100% rejected from ALL major newspapers, even as they publish frivolous ones by health professionals?
100% for 2.5 years is a bit much, would you not say, to be coincidence? And this includes the most respected members of the field, some of legendary renown. And the ONLY full op-ed that was published ONCE is one that says the president is “just a jerk” and not serious.
I am not revealing the current outlet because the journalist is highly sympathetic and is looking to try again. But I will consider it a miracle if he is able to get through this barrier.
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