Okay. Okay. What if Izuku fought a villain! And this villain never used his quirk on him. Or so he thought! Then, he started dreaming every night about the same thing. It's about him and Katsuki being happy together.

[ #bkdk #Bakudeku ]
The dreams aren't exactly the same but it all revolves around him and Katsuki being in love and happy together.

Katsuki kissing him gently.

Katsuki whispering 'i love you's'.

Katsuki holding his hand.

Katsuki melting him with tight warm embrace.
Katsuki gently wiping his tears.

Katsuki smiling sweetly at him.

The two of them laughing.

Them in their own apartment.

Them working together as a hero duo.

Katsuki spoiling him with snuggles, gifts, and chaste kisses.

Him and Katsuki making love to each other.
And every friggin time, he would wake up crying. Because Izuku doesn't know how sad it was to dream about his childhood friend loving him the way he silently prayed every single time.

He keeps having sad dreams of Katsuki loving him.
And it's taking toll on him especially when he has to face reality where he gets glared, cursed, shouted, and shoved away. Where his attention nor his presence was neither wanted nor needed.

And it hurts. It hurts so much. It hurts so much because he knew how it was to be —
— loved, held, and cared by the explosive blond even when it was nothing but a dream.

Izuku felt like he was being choked every time he wakes up. Every time he had to face the truth that all of it was nothing but a silly dream.
Deciding whether to sleep or not has became such a burden. Izuku doesn't know if he wanted to be back on Katsuki's loving arms or never sleep again so he doesn't have to feel the loneliness his happy dreams brought him.
Izuku forced himself not to sleep until his sleep deepravation nearly killed him when he was up against a villain that attacked one of their outside drills. He would have receive an extensive damage if Katsuki wasn't able to pull him out in time.
"What the fuck is wrong with you, you shitty nerd! You almost fucking die!" Katsuki grabbed his collar yelling at him. His eyes wide with anger and worry.

"Let go," Izuku mumbled.

"What?! You fucking idio—,"

"I said let me go!!!" Everyone in 3A snapped their heads to them.
"What did you fucking said?!"

Izuku activated One for All and shoved Katsuki away. He then started crying, "Don't you ever touch me again! Don't talk to me! I don't wany to see you ever again!" Katsuki just looked at him in shocked, a second past and pain washed his face.
Izuku quickly jumped away using One for All. He left everyone speechless. Wondering what happened to him. Asking if Katsuki went too far? But everyone knew, Izuku was supposed to know, that that's just how Katsuki channels his worries.
Izuku locked himself inside his dorm. He cried for half an hour and without peeling himself off his hero costume. He climbed unto his bed.

"Kacchan, I'm coming home." He mutters with a weak smile then he closed his eyes and let his dream drag him to the bottom of abyss.
The whole class wanted to give Izuku a time to cool off but Aizawa insisted that someone get him so he could be checked. Iida and Uraraka volunteered to do so. They knocked at his door and he disn't answer. They became worried so they called for Aizawa.
Worried, the whole class went to his room, even Katsuki. When Izuku didn't respond to the loud banging on his door, Katsuki lost his patience and blew the door away. They saw Izuku lying on the bed sleeping but when Aizawa was checking him, his pulse was faint
And clearly given just a little more time, his heart will completely stop. Aizawa quickly lifted Izuku and ran his way to the infirmary, the whole class followed, some are shock and others are already sobbing.
When they reach the infirmary, Recovery Girl quickly ordered to place Izuku in an ICU. They ran test and everyone waited but Katsuki is running out of patience.

"It's a quirk." Recovery Girl stated. "I have the same records of the same quirk incident before."
"What do you mean?" Aizawa asked.

"The Villain who attacked us has a storm quirk," Todoroki supplied

"I believe this is the villain that Midoriya fought almost two months ago. I should have properly checked him. He told me the villain didn't use any quirk on him—
— I trusted his words when clearly I should have checked him still." Recovery Girl sighed weakly.

"So what's the fucking quirk?" Katsuki asked, dangerously calm.

"The quirk is called Nightmare." Recovery Girl answered.
"But instead or giving you painful and terrifying dreams they show you dreams of what you truly long for in your heart. The victims get attached to those dreams because those are the things they could only wish their reality to be." The old woman explained.
"When the victims gave in to the dreams, it consumes them. It's like taking sleeping pills and falling in a tub. They eventually drown." Gasps answered the healer.

"S-so, so, what can we do?" Uraraka hiccupped. Recovery girl gave another deep sigh before she shook her head.
"I think it will be best if Aizawa contact Detective and talk to the one who did this to Midoriya." Recovery Girl. "The last victim I took care with a similar circumstances... Didn't make it. And by the looks of it, you'll have at least 3 days to figure things out."
Aizawa, of course, wasted no time. He was granted permission to come face to face with the villain with heavy glass between them.

"Let me guess," the villain mused. "They told you about the gist of my quirk on how it makes the victim dream what their hearts long for yada, yada."
"Let's make this easy, just spit out how to undo the stupid thing." Aizawa almost growled.

The villain shrug. "I don't know how to undo it. I tried several times before but it seemed like I can't undo it."

Detective Naomasa frowned, "He's telling the truth."
"I've never seen anyone survive my quirk." There was a sick nonchalance in his tone and Aizawa briefly consider killing him on the spot.

"But, here's what I can tell you. My quirk only works to people who has an unrealized love. The victim needs to be deeply—
in love with someone who doest love them back because the dreams are about their love finally being returned." With that the villain was taken back in while Aizawa's headache got stronger.

After thanking Naomasa, he quickly returned to UA where he explained to Recovery Girl —
— and the entire 3A the circumstances. The students asked him what they should do and even him doesn't know how to answer that as he told them that he'd be informing Izuku's mom about what seemed to be the inevitable demise of her only son, her only family.
"So what? We're just gonna fucking watch, Deku, sleep himself to death?" Katsuki snapped. He was angry, his fists balled tightly. "Who was he even so fucking in love with that he wanted to stay in those stupid dreams?!"
Katsuki let out a breathless gasp when he felt Ochako's strong slap landed across his face. He turned to the lady with a glare.

"It's you, asshole." Ochaco cried. Fat tears rolling down her pink cheeks. "The one Deku-kun is in love with is you."
Katsuki let out a disbelieving chuckles. humourless. Empty. "Me?" katsuki briefly closed his eyes as if trying to piece himself back again.

"How would he love me? Me? Me? I am the fucking guy who made his life a living hell! How can you say he loves me!?!"
"If you doubted what I said then you don't know Deku-kun at all!" Ochaco snapped back before she stormed out leaving Katsuki lost and speechless.

"Bakugou," Kirishima sympathetically called, hand on his shoulder which Katsuki slapped away.

"Did you fucking hear that?"

"She said the shitty nerd is in love with me." Katsuki chuckled then his expression turned grim. "Me?"


"How can that stupid Deku love me?"

"Bakugou," Aizawa worriedly called.

"How can he love someone who had been nothing but an asshole to him?"
"Dude," Kaminari sighed. "We're talking about Midoriya here. You should see how his eyes sparkle just by watching you go on a rampage, destroying everything on your way like you're God's greatest miracle."

"Shut up, Pikachu." Katsuki gritted. "Shut up!"
Aizawa decides to step in. Clearly they're all in great stress. Their mind racing with the idea that one of their classmates, their friend is at death's door and they can't do anything.

"Bakugou, just go to your room and rest." Aizawa said.

"No!" Katsuki snapped.
"You all don't fucking understand! He's not the one in love with me! Because it's fucking me! i am the one who's fucking in love with him!" Tears slid down his cheeks. He was shaking hard, chest heaving painfully heavy.

Everyone looked at the blond in shock, unable to say —
— anything for some time until Recovery Girl called telling them that Izuku woke up. Without a word, Katsuki bolted his way to the schools advanced medical facility. He ignored what his friends were saying and even Aizawa. All he could think was he needed to see Izuku.
Arriving at the ICU, he stopped on his way when he saw Recovery Girld doing a full check up on the greenette. Instead, he just stood watching, drinking Izuku's figure, eyes open, chest moving up and down, hands moving.

He's awake. He's awake, Katsuki assured himself.
The moment Izuku woke up, he felt the dryness that his throat had became. Recovery Girl was quickly on her feet tending to him. He just blankly stared at the older woman then to his surroundings. Tears started to well up in his eyes and soon his body was racked with sobs.
It started with small whimpers then like angry waves crashing against the cliff, those small cries became louder. Uncontrolled. Painful.

It was like Izuku can feel himself falling apart bit by bit as his mind began replaying his dream.
He remembered waking up in a beach house with the huge balcony door open while the thin white curtains swayed in the soft sea breeze.

Izuku quickly pulled himself off the huge white bed and walked towards the open door where he saw Katsuki standing by the shore looking —
— afar. Izuku, excited and overwhelmingly happy, jogged his way to the blond. Almost tripping. And as soon as he reached him, he threw himself on his back, wrapping his arms tightly around his familiar warmth.

"Kacchan! I'm back." The greenette happily announced.
His cheek comfortably pressed against his boyfriend's broad back. Katsuki chuckled wrapping his arm over Izuku's.

"What the fuck are you talking about, Izuku. We've been here for two days trying to do last minute shit for the wedding."

Izuku gasped pulling away from the blond.
"We're getting married!?" He exclaimed blinking in disbelief.

Katsuki frowned. "Why? Did you changed your mind?"

Izuku glanced at his hand where a golden band settled, he looked up to his apparently now fiance and quickly shook his head. He then reached for his hand.
"No! I didn't change my mind! I wanna get married!" He frantically said, eyes stinging with unshed tears. "Oh god," izuku let go of Katsuki, raking his unruly green curls. "This is amazing! I am actually marrying you."

And as the surge of emotions took over him, Izuku —
— crouched down and allowed himself to cry. "I'm so happy." He looked up to the guy who then crouched down in front of him, sea water bathing their feet. "I'm so happy that I am marrying you."

Katsuki smiled a little before he gently cupped his face and wipe his tears away.
"Stop crying, Izuku." Katsuki pressed his forehead against his. "Or I will not marry you if it makes you leak this much." Izuku's heart nearly stop at the threat but it was followed by a hearty laugh that made him melt instead.

In that sound, with that beautifuk view —
— Izuku felt like he had finally made the right decision. For the first time in his life, he chose himself and that choice brought this inexplicable happiness in him. Happiness he never thought he'd ever feel.

"Kacchan, no take backs!" He whined, chuckling.
"Yeah, yeah, stupid nerd." Katsuki grinned.

The two of them spend the day in bliss, planning, and getting everything ready for a small intimate wedding.

It was everything Izuku had hoped for and when he walked down the aisle, he knew he couldn't ask for more.
Right there, right at that moment, that's where he was meant to be.

Katsuki smiled sweetly reaching his hand to him which he took without a single hesitation before the two of them faced the make shift altar before them.

The ceremony began and soon the wedding vows.
"Izuku," Katsuki started, shifting his body towards him. The blond pulled him on an embraced. He then landed a soft kiss on his temple, then to his lips. "I love you. God, I love you."

"Kacchan," Izuku sobbed.

Katsuki gently pulled away, he then held both his hand.
"But this is not where you're supposed to be." Katsuki smiled sadly and Izuku felt his heart stopped. "You need to leave, Izuku. This is not where you belong."

"Wh-what are you saying?" His lips started to tremble, his chest constricting tightly.
"Listen, my love. I know this place makes you happy and I am happy too but Izuku I know you." Katsuki's tears fell, a smile etched on his lips.

"You're brave. So stupidly brave. You're kind that everyone takes advantage of you. You're determined that no matter what happens —
— you will never give up. It's quite amazing how stubborn you are too because the world may fall apart but you'll do what you want and what you feel is right to do."

Izuku's tears began streaming down.

"Izuku, as much as I'd love to have you forever in my arms —
— I know more than anyone else that you're a hero. You are meant to be out there saving people with a smile, giving them someone to look up to. Something to look forward to. You are the hope that this little rotten world need."

"Kacchan..." Izuku breathed.
"I could be selfish right now but I love you too much to do that. I want you to be happy. Really happy." Katsuki smiled, gently running his palm over Izuku's styled hair.

"But... This is where I want to be. I want to stay here with you." Izuku cried. "I am finally happy."
Katsuki pulled him on another embrace. This time tighter. "Izuku... Come back to me."

"I am here and I am staying with you." Izuku answered, hiccuping.

Katsuki shook his head lightly. "No, come back to the real me. To the me that loves you the most."
Izuku's heart fell on the ground at those words. They pull away from their embrace and suddenly they're in a train station instead of their beach wedding venue.

Izuku sobbed hard, clutching his chest. He wanted to say something. He wanted to say everything.
But nothing made out his mouth. All he could do was helplessly looked up to Katsuki who was crying but still has that beautiful smile on his lips.

"If only we can keep it simple but that's not us. We don't do simple and I think I like it that way." Izuku chuckled at that.
Izuku wiped his tears away. He took a deep breath, pulling himself together before he turned to walk towards the train. He stopped before he got in and turn to look at Katsuki.

"There's nothing wrong with being happy, Izuku. You deserve that much," He grinned.
"Yeah," Izuku grinned back, tears welling up at the corner of his eyes.

"So go back there and be happy." Katsuki waved bye at him.

Izuku nodded. "I will. 'Til then, Kacchan." The greenette entered the train and the next thing he knew he woke up in the infirmary —
— hooked up in different machines, Recovery Girl attending to him while thankin the heavens that he finally woke up.

And at some point after he cried, Izuku was thankful too that he woke up. That even in his dreams Katsuki protected him in his own way

[ omake ]

Izuku was looking at their school with his diploma in his hand. They finally graduated from U.A after what seemed to be forever.

Lessons learned, friendships earned, villains fought.

A lot of things happened and Izuku knew they're just starting.
"Stupid nerd, your annoying friends are looking for you." Izuku turned at Katsuki who was standing behind him, his diploma was resting on his shoulder, his face cradled his infamous scowl.

"Hi, Kacchan," He smiled to the blond who rolled his eyes on him.
The two of them had became more than a rival now. At some point they became friends again. None of them said it out loud but Izuku was pretty sure they consider each other as best friends.

At some point the two of them also work and trained as a hero duo which everyone —
— thought was impossible. After Izuku nearly died due to the Nightmare quirk, the two of them refused to talk or even face each other for two months.

The two of them tried hard to push everything under the rug until it blew up to their faces. They once again fought —
— each other in ground beta. Both heavily charged with volatile emotions that they don't know what to do and they just lashed out badly on each other. It was so bad that their classmates woke up not just Aizawa after the two of them didn't held back and nearly —
— turn half of ground beta into rubbles.

Of course, the two of them got detained this time for five days in which they were forced to talk and see each other and this time after finally letting go of everything they tried so hard to hold inside them, they learn to finally —
— forgive themselves and each other. After that being friends came naturally.

"Whatever, just get back to your stupid band of merry men." Katsuki clicked his tongue in annoyance.

Izuku stared at the blond. It was quite unfair how he got taller, bulkier, and more handsome.
The guy is literally the hottest person Izuku knew. The greenette pressed his lips together on a tight line. The thought of him falling deeper fot Katsuki as time goes by made him wince a little.

/If only we could keep things simple./

Izuku chuckled and stared back at —
— his friend.

"What, shitty Deku?" Katsuki snapped, brows furrowed.

"I love you." Izuku gave him a beautiful smile. "I love you more than a friend ever since we were just kids."

Katsuki quickly turned bright red. "What the hell are you saying, shitty nerd?!"
Izuku chuckled at his explosion but Katsuki tried to pull himself together despite the burning blush on his cheeks and ears.

"I've never seen you so red. It's adorable." Izuku laughed.

Katsuki exploded, "Are you messing with me, Deku!?"
Izuku shook his head, "Nope! I am confessing to you."

Katsuki gave him a small growl. He then turned to Izuku with a serious expression, "Bet I love you more, shitty Deku." He then smirked making him twice hotter.

This time it was Izuku's turn to turn so red that Katsuki —
— almost thought that he'd combust from where he stood.

"Kacchan!" Izuku buried his face over his palms.

Katsuki walked towards him and pulled him on an embrace and Izuku thought how that was so much better than his dreams.
"Guess, got no choice but to take care of your sorry ass for the rest of our lives." Izuku wrapped his arms around him.

"You sounded like you're proposing..." Izuku pouted. "Can we be boyfriends first?"
"Isn't that the same fucking thing? I don't half-ass shit. If I date you now, I am sure as hell that I'd be marrying you." Katsuki retaliated that Izuku turned more red.

"Okay," Izuku smiled. "Take care of me, Kacchan."

"Been doing that since forever, nerd."

[ end ]
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