It's not just Nancy Pelosi who thinks her hair is more essential than your livelihood.

Democrats are liars who want to rule over every aspect of your life. But their rules will never apply to them.

Democrats: Do as I say, not as I do
Philly Mayor Jim Kenney gets to eat inside in Maryland

"while restaurants here in Philly close, suffer, and fight for every nickel to survive," writes restaurateur Marc Vetri

Clearly it's all about our health 🙄
Bill de Blasio gets to go to the gym and go to Brooklyn for a stroll while he locks down a Jewish playground and fines New Yorkers for not wearing masks
Andrew Cuomo is super serious about enforcing his quarantine rules

Unless it's his brother...who broke quarantine when he had the virus
The people who say we have to reduce air travel will always fly private

The people who say we can't have guns will always hire private security

They can go out of state to funerals (that the rest of us aren't allowed to have) and they don't have to quarantine

Drain the swamp!
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