Ever since I saw the flamingo documentary on Disney, I've been wanting to learn more about them. THEY'RE SUPER INTERESTING CREATURES, JUST BTW.

(This is an important thread that affects you and me in equal measure, esp if you're in #Mumbai, so read on, okay?)
Flamingos literally turn their heads upside down to feed their chicks so they can filter out water from food. *gulp* No, wait - *dlnƃ*
What you think is the "knee" of the flamingo is actually not the knee, it's the ankle. The knees are hidden. They stand on one leg and keep the other warm in the feathers, and alternate.

Note: Maybe do not try this at home without supervision heheh.
There's so much more stuff that's so interesting to the flamingo, but also, they're *almost* #endangered. Habitat protection is crucial in keeping these birds thriving. They're currently facing havoc thanks to #globalwarming, illegal poaching and habitat destruction.
Over the past 5 years, over a 1000 hectares of mangroves have been destroyed in and around #Mumbai.

GUYS: 1 hectare = 2 football fields.
(Apparently, we've lost close to 675 Wankhede stadiums - what. the. hell!)

Please take many moments to just digest this piece of information.
What does this mean for the flamingos? These birds (and other birds, as well as sea life and other animals too) have started to squeeze into tighter spaces, which means it's getting more tougher to survive, lesser food to eat and suffocation.
Apart from that, don't forget the construction happening in and around these mangroves. *cough* airport *cough*

Currently, the number of these winged visitors reaches 1.5 lakh a year by November, along with their chicks. By May, they migrate to Bhuj in Kutch, leaving behind a small resident population. Lesser flamingos population in #Mumbai has surpassed that of #Gujarat.
#Mumbai is a refuge for many resident and migratory birds. In all, approx 200 species have been reported, including sightings of certain globally threatened species.
Now, to prevent encroaching and debris dumping on these lands, the #Mumbai Mangrove Conservation Unit has proposed building a wall around the flamingo sanctuary, called the Thane Creek #flamingosanctuary.

But this could be a terrible move for multiple reasons:
1. It prevents fauna/flora to flourish and the flow of seawater.

2. It means more construction, more destruction.

3. If pvt companies start building walls too, it could completely destroy mangroves altogether.

This 'flamingo sanctuary' comes as a trade off for the Mumbai Trans-Harbour SeaLink.
#TIL that the beginning of the sealink has posed a major threat to over 30,000 flamingos and their mangrove habitat!! Wildlife conservationists wanted the bridge to be shifted by just 500mtrs south to protect flamingo breeding and mating ground.

Also, a friendly reminder that climate change researchers predict much of #Mumbai will be underwater by 2050 if global carbon emissions aren't reduced. Oops. #ClimateEmergency
Thanks to disappearing mangroves, we're opening ourselves up to a host of natural disasters, mostly flooding, and #Mumbai could collapse like a house of cards.
How can we help this situation, mangroves, flamingos and everything related?


2. Educate yourself and others around you

3. Actively engage in discussions

#Mumbai #ClimateEmergency #ClimateChangeIsReal
4. Try your best to not contribute to climate change (Small steps in each of our capacity)

5. Ask for accountability from authorities
All in all, we're also each responsible for the damage, as well as the positive change around us. Do your bit, and I'll do mine. But just do. 🌻

#ReimagineMumbaiParks #Mumbai

This is a great read and super informative, please RT for awareness: https://www.civis.vote/consultations/130/read
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