I have many comments about this, the chief one being that if you think emailing something at 9 am is early in the morning, that just proves how out of touch you are with the reality of practicing law for many lawyers. https://twitter.com/adamschilton/status/1300948899285393409
I’ll be sure and let my CEO/CFO/GC know that I didn’t respond quickly to their emails because I was informed by a law professor who has never practiced for a minute that it was rude to, and I needed to wait until 9 am because I was worried about their anxiety.
Some of us are parenting, schooling, trying to survive a fucking global pandemic, and working all hours of the week. Late night emails may be the only option and if you think I’m going to remember to send at 9 am a draft email that I saved at 3 am, then I’m jealous...
...of the dumpster fires that clearly don’t derail your day.

So instead, don’t call layers who are barely hanging on to all the obligations in life “rude,” don’t mansplain something when you literally have zero experience in it, and have some fucking grace for others.
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