Prepping notes/histories of new pts for wards rounds.
I discourage this. I will *always* go back through a new pt’s notes myself. We go through the story as a team, constructing a coherent narrative and speaking aloud our impressions as we go. A bit of teaching on the way.
I would never expect a junior to ‘present’ a patient they had never actually met. I would never expect juniors to come in early/run ahead of me on the ward round to prep notes. I want them on the round with me.
I understand a lot of consultants *do* expect juniors to have prepped notes, to present unfamiliar patients. So juniors doctors have to learn the whims of each individual consultants in order to ‘please’ them (shudder).
The variation is tricky for them.
I wonder if juniors actually *want* to prep notes, for more efficient ward rounds. I sense they do, because it’s hard for me to get them to stop doing it. They must be disappointed when I ignore their little potted summaries in favour of going through all the notes from the start
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