pov hongjoong as your lover and his creative mind, a thread
hongjoong the type to gift you a handmade item on your birthday and hoping you’ll like it while saying “it’s not much but—“ then proceeds to tell you how much you mean to him and that he loves you
hongjoong the type to ask you film while he reform clothes and would ask you how it looks like, then would giggle and offer to teach you
hongjoong the type to say he dislikes the cheesy matchy things couple do but would reform items just to match with you and say “we’re different, it’s special—“
hongjoong the type to reform any item of yours regardless day or night, just because you said your outfit looks plain
hongjoong the type to reform your old clothes when you say it’s ugly or when you accidentally stained em’
end of thread for now, don’t mind me I’m simping hard @ATEEZofficial
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