Hello #WIPWorldBuilders!After falling off the rails last month in the desperate dash to finish my book and send it off to betas, I am now starting a new project and so will try to keep up this month! I'm like 6 days into the research, so haven't started world building yet!
1) I'm Sifa and my new project is currently unnamed, a retelling of Henry IV Part One with dragons.

It's a spell you find after delving deep into tomes and causes the caster to say "why didn't we learn that at school? it's more interesting than Henry VIII"

2) Yes, there is magic - 3 different magic systems:

- Glyn Dwr's (to do with spirits?)
- dragon magic which is leaning towards elemental?
- "women's magic" - aka using embroidery to make powerful charms

I haven't got any further yet!

OK, needed a few days for research and planning (and life), BUT had a magic system break through in the mean time, so time to return to this thread and catch up!

3) Manipulating people with magic is forbidden, but generally magic itself isn't forbidden, but how its accessed is. I'm thinking [Glyn Dwr]'s will be, something based off demons, given the argument he has with Hotspur in the play!

4) Magic can't be regulated, really, as it's the dragons who bring the magic. Hard to regulate something to do with independent creatures who can just fly away!

5) Magic is channelled through will, I think

6) Magic is powered by dragons. Well, dragons bring slack to the threads of magic so they can be accessed.

7) There's elemental magic, and embroidery magic.

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