A thread 4.0
Case study, posts that say.

“ I already know who’s real and who’s fake i just play along “
It’s been a while. But ok.

Ask yourself
What does it mean to be “ real “ and what does it mean to be “ fake “
Culturally, being real is taken as being consistent with your approaches. In your thoughts. Being straightforward in what you feel. And generally being a nice guy. It has a positive connotation to it.
Being fake has a negative connotation attached to it. Acting like a hypocrite. Backbiting. Lies.
And not being nice to others. Or maybe being over nice for the sake of gaining something.
Now why am I saying this?Because I have problem with us stereotyping people like this, stereotyping certain individuals is also a form of arrogance because you detach yourself from what people consider bad or the society consider bad, by explaining, how they’re “them” and not you
But when you think about it. Aren’t all of us fake with certain individuals and real with others. Don’t all us act differently with different people and well we have to. It’s a part of human nature. It’s important for the society.
But the question is, should we? Well it’s subjective. Being fake and being real is subjective. For you to act fake to get away from a certain individual who is toxic, might be beneficial in the longer run.
And being real with a person who can’t help himself. For example if I go to a mentally deranged person and tell him about his mental disorder and other problems in him. Might be “real” but it won’t be “good”
Bat ko samaitain tou point yeh keh, sometimes for certain individuals to act fake shouldn’t be as frowned as it is. Sometimes you aren’t good for the person and he wants to go away from you, but can’t because he can’t say it head on.
Sometimes the other person is hiding certain mistakes or shortages that they may feel they have in their lives. Be nice and think about the story behind people’s actions and not the action itself.
Everyone is on a journey towards self improvement. You should to. Try helping others to grow. And respecting their wishes/space they require.
End thread 4.0
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