Why are so many of the prominent people we despise Etonians? (Oliver Wetwin, Boris, Dave, Prince Harry, Justin Welby, etc). Here’s my theory...
It’s undoubtedly the best school in the world: heritage, architecture, uniform, chapel, traditions, eccentricity, libertarian streak (you decide when you work), swagger, inspirational staff, dames, housemasters, Chambers, alumni, clout etc
But, its primary role is to train people who slip effortlessly into the Establishment. They are chameleon charmers.
It can produce rebels too (Orwell; Shelley etc). But most prefer to just dominate whatever the reigning hegemony is
And because the reigning hegemony is globalist, green, Davos and woke, they adjust their positions accordingly.
No wonder Orwell thought the only hope lay with the proles. He knew whereof he spoke
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