China's now involved in so many quarrels (internal & external) that it's hard to keep track of, so I've decided to make a thread.

Was originally gonna make it covering the whole year, but realised that was too big a task, so I'm just gonna make it from Sept 2020 onwards...
It's gonna cover both people & governments. Also, to be clear, it does NOT mean that China is always at fault in these situations. But let’s just say there’s a pattern here at least.
3. China vs Australia. China started suggesting in March that COVID19 maybe came from the US or somewhere outside China. Epidemiologist Zhong Nanshan said that “Only through investigation and tracing can we answer that question.” FM spokesman Zhao Lijian also raised doubts...
3. (cont) did other Chinese ambassadors “Be transparent! Make public your data! US owe us an explanation!”
But when Australia said in April “yeah, let’s have an investigation” China went ballistic & things went rapidly downhill....
4. (cont) This thread shows that this is still ongoing:

LA Times reporter also expelled for reporting the protests:
7. (cont) This came after pressure on the govt from the people of Thailand who didn't want to become some kind of subservient asset of the Chinese. This is a great #MilkTeaAlliance victory.
8. China vs the Tibetan people. Last month Xi Jinping made clear plans to further tighten the already extremely tight control over Tibet & to Sinicize the population. Meanwhile Tibetans in India make it pretty clear how they feel:
14. China vs people of Hong Kong. Today would've been election day in HK if it hadn't been delayed for a year for fake reasons (were only 7 COVID cases yesterday). There is a protest against such nonsense being heavily suppressed by thousands of police.
14. (cont) Tam Tak-chi arrested for... saying some things the govt didn't like (scroll thru thread below):
14. (cont) It seems being a bus driver who beeps their horn is enough to enrage the agents of the CCP in HK.
Not saying that they're over sensitive, but... wait, yes I am saying that.
3. again (Oz)
Australian journalists having to flee China for fear of arbitrary arrest (i.e. kidnapping). This is how China behaves when it gets in disputes - like a gangster.
2. again (India)
Chinese troops again advanced on India positions armed with clubs etc (like Galwan clash). Indian troops warned them off, they ignored. Indian troops fired warning shots, they fled. China now furious. First shots fired for 45 years.
2. again (India)
Tensions continue to build along the border.
15. (cont)
Chinese jets continue to buzz Taiwanese airspace, something that has increased hugely since June this year.
2. again (India)
China continues to build forces on the border. There is a real possibility of war later this year, something which would have seemed totally & utterly ridiculous to suggest just a few months ago.
Further update:
China has now returned the 5 it abducted, claiming they were "intelligence personnel disguised as hunters".
16. China vs Germany
Germany is one of the biggest advocates of "change thru trade" (i.e. do nothing) when it comes to China, a relatively friendly western nation. So China just slapped a ban on pork imports from there cos it wants to show who is boss. 🤷‍♂️
15. again (Taiwan)
China shoots itself in foot. The KMT opposition planned to visit a China dialogue session, to which the DPP was opposed. CCTV in China said the KMT were coming to "beg for peace". After they refused to apologise, KMT have withdrawn.
15. again (Taiwan)
China continues to buzz Taiwan as part of a deliberate military threat.
15. (cont)
Open threats of all out war for... talking to a foreign official.
8. again (the Tibetan people)
Camp system has been expanding into Tibet.
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