If you are a protestor against CAA then you have a jinosidal hatred towards Hindus. https://twitter.com/ladeedafarzana/status/1300746929693843458
The gall of these scums !

First break the nation, carve out separate Islamist enclaves, persecute Hindus there and then demonize Hindus here for caring for their persecuted brethren..

Fking gall ! Won't be possible without the stupidity of Hindus.
Same jihadi who filed case against @OpIndia_com - praised Ali Musaliyar, chief instigator of the Moplah jihad against Hindus in 1920s. https://twitter.com/AgentSaffron/status/1206546261513510912
Ali Musaliyar was quoted by Vir Savarkar as saying the best way to achieve communal unity was to convert Hindus to Islam and if any Hindus protested, he would be b*headed.
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