Right wing comedians in the UK:


Comedians who aren't right wing but would be considered right wing by the BBC:


What do they have in common?
All of them have created popular content while working in an industry that is openly hostile to their views.

All of them are funny and have a large audience.

Other than Geoff and Simon who got their breaks before the Great Awokening, none of them ever got a shot on the BBC.
Viral Burger King Brexit video by @awilliamscomedy
Full set from @andrewlawrence whose recent Twitter videos are crushing it
Full set from @LeoKearse
Hilarious song from @DominicFrisby who also created the immensely popular 17 Million F*ck Offs:
. @francisjfoster and I created and co-host @triggerpod, a comedy and politics YouTube show that gets over 3 million views a month.

Here is Francis on offence culture:
And me on the idea that Russians were responsible for Brexit and Jeremy Corbyn:
And last but not least, @andrewdoyle_com created Twitter sensation @TitaniaMcGrath in addition to his own brilliant stand-up.
There is a wealth of untapped non-woke comedy talent in this country. All the BBC needs to do is look with an unbiased eye.
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