So, I enjoyed the Arkham Asylum #Batman games, but does anyone else feel that they are the turning point where the Batman franchise fully embraced an adult audience and decided that there wouldn't be Batman comics/movies/games/shows that would be kid friendly anymore? (1/5)
I remember playing the first game and thinking "wow, this is really putting Batman in a much darker world than I've ever seen him before". Then comics and everything else started putting him in that same psychologically dark world. (2/5)
Or am I looking back at the comics/movies/shows of my younger days with rose colored glasses? I know Batman's always had an edge. But I've always loved how that edge could be done in a way that still worked in a kids' show like Batman: TAS. (3/5)
Don't get me wrong. I think there's a place in Batman for the stories that the Arkham Asylum games had to tell. And The Dark Knight is my favorite superhero movie (and gets Batman better than anything else) yet not for kids. But not everything needs to be that grim. (4/5)
*this thread brought to you by someone who is just tired after watching the preview for The Batman, someone who doesn't want the truth to be that he's outgrown Batman, someone who hopes that it's Batman who's changed, not him. (5/5)
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