#THREAD: Devotee who made even Lord wait!

One day it so happened that Lord Krishna, the King of Dwarka, while feeling lonely, was reminded of his early days in Mathura. He particularly remembered his sports with the milkmaids, the cowherd boys, and Radha.
Though she was dead, he longed to see her again. By his divine powers he brought her back to life and seated her by his side. Just then his queen, Rukmini, entered the room.
When Radha did not rise to pay her respect, Rukmini left Dwarka in anger & hid herself in Dandirvan forest. After some days, Lord set off in search of Rukmini. He first went to Mathura, thn to Gokul. He met the milkmaids & cowherd boys. They went to Mount Govardhan in her search.
At last they reached the banks of the river Bhima in the Deccan. Krishna left his companions at Goplapura, and he himself entered Dandirvan forest alone in search of her. At last he found her and managed to calm her. Krishna and Rukmini came to Pundalik’s ashrama.
But at that time Pundalik was busy attending to his parents. Though he knew Lord Krishna had come to see him, he refused to pay his respect to the god before his duty towards his parents was done. He, however, threw a brick outside for lord Krishna to stand upon.
Impressed by Pundalik’s devotion to his parents, Lord Krishna did not mind the delay. Standing on the brick he waited for Pundalik. When Pundalik came out and begged God’s pardon, Lord Krishna replied that far from being displeased, he was pleased with his love for his parents.
Lord Krishna then ordered him to worship Vithoba, or God who stood upon a brick. Pandharpur is a revered pilgrimage destination now with plenty of temples.
- By Petal Pronoun
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