Overnight on 31 Aug–1 Sep, a Portland BLM-antifa gathering on its 95th night became a riot after they broke windows, burglarized business & lit a fire in an occupied apartment building. They wrote "How much does it take to show you we are serious" at scene https://www.portlandoregon.gov/police/news/read.cfm?id=261158
Alexandra Johnson aka "Arex," 28, of Portland, was arrested again at the violent #antifa riot in Portland. She's a BLM-antifa livestreamer who wears "PRESS" markings. Again, she was quickly released without bail. #PortlandMugshots #PortlandRiots https://archive.vn/lQUY6 
Arrested at the violent #antifa Portland riot:

Christopher Babb, 50: felony riot, carrying concealed weapon, attempted assault & more

Kyle Giacomozzi, 37, of Happy Valley, Ore https://archive.vn/WmLs5 

Deven White, 29, of Portland https://archive.vn/Pvlgd 
Tyler Brett Cox, a nurse at @OHSUNews hospital, was filmed pulling off the helmet of an officer at an #antifa riot & getting punched while on the ground. He was dressed in black bloc. He was charged w/felony assault of an officer, resisting arrest & more. https://archive.vn/aEAMK 
Arrested at the Portland #antifa riot & quickly released without bail:

Rachel Myles, 34, of Portland https://archive.vn/iznL0 

Garret Stanford, 29, of Portland https://archive.vn/49gqC 

Victoria Varty, 30, of Portland: felony riot & more
Arrested at the Portland #antifa riot & quickly released without bail:

Dustin Brandon Ferreira, 36, of Portland, cited in lieu of custody

Trapper Sutterfield, 24, of Portland https://archive.vn/sHgOA 

 Scott Andrew Long, 48, of Portland https://archive.vn/yv10L 
Arrested at the Portland #antifa riot & quickly released without bail:

Arianna Campbell, 19: felony riot & more

Tina Michelle Grundmeyer, 53: felony riot & more https://archive.vn/mJ1OM 

Damian Hess, 21, of Portland https://archive.vn/9jUto 
Arrested at the violent Portland #antifa riot & quickly released without bail:

Isaac Rowe, 25, of Portland: resisting arrest, disorderly conduct & more https://archive.vn/6bVrj 

Isabel Burns, 24 https://archive.vn/oPlQa 

Cody Shearer, 28, of Beaverton, Ore https://archive.vn/RTolX 
Arrested at Portland antifa riot:

Ellen Bennington, 20: carrying a concealed weapon, resisting arrest & more. She was quickly bailed out. She works w/mental health patients at Cascadia Behavioral Healthcare https://archive.vn/UpVfk 

Violet Porter, arrested again within 48 hours.
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