Watching Fox to get ready to transcribe the Ingraham-Trump Part 2 Interview.

Trump is shown at Kenosha with some elected officials. BILL BARR IS SETTING NEXT TO HIM. It's nice there's nothing else for him to do.
2. Trump is saying that Barr has to prosecute all those who were involved in Russia investigation -Treason. Subversion. Overthrow of a country

LAURA tries to say that Barr is one of the best.

We'll see. We'll see.
3. LAURA: Melania - will she be on the campaign trail.

Yes. Love her style, class, grace. You have to understand, English isn't her 1st language. She'll be very much involved.

LAURA: When will the criticism and late night hosts stop ?
4. Why is there the push for ideolo

They are unhinged. A lot of those people will vote for me. They don't want to lose their money. Beverly Hills - had a home, many many people voted for me. I'll see them on TV and they're saying bad things. But, they voted for me.
5. They don't want to lose their wealth. One poll 62% said they were lying about the polls.

LAURA has to interrupt him. The polls were right in 2018. You weren't on the ballot.

On 2018 I was on the ballot. They try and tag me with that. You're going to win the House. You're
6. going to get rid of Pelosi. People are angry. Repeats House - Senate might be tougher. 2018, they tried so hard but I wasn't on the ballot. 2018-Many people said I am not voting if Trump isn't on the Ballot. Watch what happens. The level of enthusiasm for this campaign is far
7. greater - that crazy Michael Moore said it the best: He said, I've never seen anything like it. It's more. Its more

LAURA: Interrupts - Do you think you can win the popular vote? It sends a message

I think I DID win the popular vote. There was tremendous cheating in CA & NY
8. They always talk about Jill Stein - took 1/2 percent. I have a Libertarian on the ballot last time got 4%. I have to tell them, they're wasting their vote. Many of them are republican.

LAURA - back to sanity: BUT THIS TIME, there would be a huge message to the country if u
9. win the popular vote.

I would have won it last time. There was a Libertarian on the ballot.

LAURA: ... and finally Mr. President

The biggest risk they say is this crazy thing, they're sending out 80 mill ballots
10. to people that don't even know what a ballot is ...

LAURA cuts him off. They're sending out APPLICATIONS for ballots.

Whose sending them, where are they sending 'em. They're sending 80 million BALLOTS TO EVERYBODY and there's tremendous cheating that's going to go on.
11. and sure as you're sitting there. All you have to do is look at the recent races. The single biggest problem that there is. Everyone wants an honest election. I want an honest election

LAURA: Well how do you know if you're down 50,000 votes in MI, if the DEMS are down by
12, 50,000 votes, the DEMs the next week go to Whitmer and then OH we found 50,000 votes. People are worried about that.

No. No. Its in many courts and hopefully the courts will stop it. If you look at what's going on, they're sending, they're sending, Look I came up with the
13. NEW NAME: They're "unsolicited" (I'm sure he was given that term and had to practice it). They're sending out 80 MILL BALLOTS, unsolicited, then you have solicited - that's absentee ballot. NY. You look at Carolyn Maloney - she won. They don't even know where the ballots are.
14. You take a look at what's happening in NJ. You take a look at what's happened in VA. You take a look at what's happening all over. These are small little races that are easy- they can't find the ballots. The ballots are a fraud. Now we're sending 80 MILLION BALLOTS out.
LAURA: Hillary says you're not going to leave if you lose. How do you respond to her.

I think Hillary is a sick woman. Honestly she's deranged. She's ... Remember in the debates she said, "Will you ... you know respect the wishes of the voters."
16. I didn't say 'yes' or 'no' I didn't give her an answer but she was saying: "You must respect .. SHE DIDN'T. She lost. She wanted to get it again this time. She wanted to be VP behind the scenes. Hillary is a sick person. She should take it easy. Relax. Go out. Vote. Maybe she
17. should go to the poll instead of sending out an unsolicited ballot (we're going further into crazy territory) ... but the BIGGEST problem we have in this country is going to be this election with the UNSOLICITED ballots. Because even a small little district race, a small
18. little congressional race can - Carolyn Maloney, they should do that race again. Repeats 2x. There's fraud. There's deception. What they've done with the ballots. There are 7 different things happening. You know the other thing? Who are they sending them to?

19. tries to bail him out of crazy land. ARE you going to be ready with lawyers all across this country to challenge things - because they have a lot of lawyers.

They do. They have more lawyers then any human being has ever hired. I don't know (he says that a lot) who is hiring
20. their lawyers but the Democrats have lawyers but we do too. We're in PA right now. We're in NV right now. We're in all different states fighting this. Everybody knows, including the DEMS - and then they HARVEST. Harvesting is ILLEGAL except in CA. They do ballot harvesting
21. in CA.

LAURA: Why did you ask for a drug test before the debates with Joe Biden? What prompted that?

... because I watch Biden, uh, in the previous debates and he was horrible. I watched him in the Bernie debates and he was normal. Like even keel.
22. He got by it. Now Kamala is terrible. She went down from 15% to ... I watched her drop like a rock. That's like a poll. She never even got to Iowa. She was really mean to him. She was mean to Biden.

LAURA: But why Biden? What do you think he's on?

He's on some kind of
23. enhancement drug I think. I say both. I should take a drug test and so should he because we don't want to have a situation where a guy is taking some kind of a ..

LAURA: Like athletes?

No. No. He should take ... I want to take one. I want to - he should take one. He should
24. We should both take a drug test.

LAURA: Now Joe Biden has put out an ad on you on the question of football. Let's watch it ... (clip). Why is football so important - the Big 10. Are they safer playing then not.

It shows you the lie of the democrats. I SAID PLAY FOOTBALL
25. . they're young, strong people they're not going to have a problem with COVID , China virus or whatever you want to call it. I'm the one - they didn't like my narrative so they just made up a narrative - cuz if you look MI is closed. NC is closed. These states that are closed
26. are run by democrats and the reason they're closed is because we have an election on Nov 3rd and they don't want the opening of the states and they don't want the (God it feels like he's going to have an aneurysm). They don't want the income. They want it nice and closed.
27. But you take a look at the - what the states they have done. It's terrible what they've done and you know - you discuss it a lot and so do I - there's a lot of death, depression, drug addiction on the OTHER SIDE. When you keep it closed, I think you're losing more people then
28. Its terrible what they're doing to people. So, I'm the football guy. I'm the one that WANTS to have football. I put it out all the time. I'm VERY UPSET WITH BIG 10 - BIG 10. They should of opened it (WTF?)... But, I"m the ONE THAT WANTS THE FOOTBALL. Everybody knows it. They
29. saw that and said: "Trump ... did" (honestly feels like his pause is a cognitive issue - it was pronounced). These people just, they lie ...

LAURA: They have players suing now to play - and their parents are really upset. Michigan State, Penn State, Minnesota.
30. Trump: Good. LAURA: OH State. They could of been that national champions.

Absolutely - and they're - a number are in that category but look at PA - you have a democrat governor. You have a democrat in NC. You have a democrat in Michigan. They're all democrats.
31. Those are the states and I do believe the governors are telling those colleges, we don't want it.

LAURA: Yeah, that's an important point for Americans to understand. You think the governors are putting their foot down, saying no no. The FCC? ACC is playing. DO you think its

The governor of MI, NC they control those teams directly or indirectly because they have to - you know so much money so much aid, so many other things they have to give like traffic signs. Those governors control those schools.
33. That's ALL done by democrats. But just to show you how they lie and they cheat - and the biggest problem you have - HOLY SHIT - he LOOKS RIGHT INTO THE CAMERA: "I want football back - I want football - by the way are you (unintelligible name) watching? LOOKS BACK AT LAURA
34. Joe Biden doesn't even know football, by the way. Joe Biden, look Joe doesn't even know he's alive but let's see how it all turns out ok. Let's see how it all turns out. Look, its a very sad thing. I will say this *sniff* we have tremendous potential. We closed it up, we're
35. opening it up. We're doing record numbers as you saw. Over 9 mill people employed now over the last 3 months. Its a record ovduhhisree of our country. We have a chance at having one of the best years we've ever had next year, unless somebody wants to come in and raise your
36. taxes, put back on regulations. I'm not sure ... you know I gave the biggest tax decrease in the history of our country and we're going down lower. But I'm not sure, I think the regulation cuts I did - which were the biggest in the history of our country (yeah thanks)
37. might have even been more important than the tax cuts.

LAURA: You said Joe Biden is China's candidate to win. They want him badly. You said at the RNC that you know why but you weren't going to say why. Without compromising national security, tell us a little bit more
38. about that.

Well # 1, you look at his son walking away with 1.5 billion dollars. Joe is. He doesn't even criticize China. I've never heard him even criticize China. He's the one who said: "Oh China's wonderful, China's this, China's that. They're wonderful. They're not the
39. problem. Look, I've taken billions and billions tens of billions out of China (LOL... oops - he said that out loud)

LAURA quickly interrupts: He's taken the TARIFFS off that's for sure - (did she save him? Doubtful.)

Oh the tariffs are going to come off. We've taken in
40. billions and billions on tariffs - that would destroy us because it gives them such an unfair advantage (DUH). No. We're taking in billions - they don't want me. I get along very well with President Xi, although I must tell you since the COVID situation, I have not exactly
41. been talking to him too much.

LAURA: Can you make them pay for that (COVID)

Well we ... they are paying A LOT NOW.

LAURA- could they pay specifically for COVID?

What they've done to us in terms of the death, the people. I'm not just talking about us, I'm talking about the
42. world. You can never pay for that. What they've done to this country, what they've done to the world - you can never -just in terms of death... economically at some point maybe you can catch up, but you're talking about a lot of trade deals. I made an unbelievable trade deal
43. and frankly, they ordered more corn last week then any time then any time in the history (blah blah blah) of this country.

LAURA: Are they taking advantage of this pandemic w what they've done to Hong Kong, with what they're trying to do with the Philippines, maybe choking
44. off the China Sea (careful Laura - you're in geography and policy territory).

I think they're hurt much worse than people think. They're having a very hard time in China. China is going very bad inside. The real numbers.
45. LAURA: They say the manufacturing numbers are back to normal.

THEY'RE NOT. China is doing very poorly and they lost tens of thousand of people (I guess 180,000 isn't more than tens of thousands). They lost more than any other country they just don't report it.
46. LAURA: How do you know that? (Yikes)

... and by the way, I saw a statistic come out the other day - talking about how only 6% of the people died from COVID. They (China? US? Mars?) died from other -

LAURA INTERRUPTS: Well they've got co-morbidities, which you have been
47. criticized for, because as Italians showed there are co-morbidities for every death - I think it was 70% showing 2 or 3 co-morbidities (Trump: yeah. yeah). But the COVID might have been the key co-morbidity to hit them but bottom line (Trump interrupts - I'm sure he's lost)
48. Trump: But its an interesting statistic (He has no idea what just happened). seems like they edited the tape to cut off Trump -

LAURA - recovering the focus: Mr. President are you still having fun doing this? ...

I'm having a good time because we're doing a job like
49. - just about like nobody else has ever done. 🤮 ... and I said it before I'll say it again (can't wait) ... and nobody even challenges me on it. ... I - this administration, despite all of the fake Russia Russia Russia and hoaxes and impeachments, we've done more in this
50. administration than any president in the history of our country. If you look at our military is rebuilt. If you look at choice for the vets, and accountability for the vets, and the 2nd Amendment, which by-the-way, if they got in - YOU'RE SECOND AMENDMENT IS GONE. Your taxes
51. are tripled. Your 2nd Amendment is GONE, your religious liberty - forget it. They're keeping churches closed on purpose. You have churches that are still not opened but you're allowed to go to a casino. Its a terrible thing what's happening.

LAURA: A lot of people don't
52. know - you're a very funny person. A lot of people don't know that, but you're in a very serious time.

This isn't time for games. People say, 'gee he comes across as a little bit rough or too direct.' I don't have not to be. I really don't have much time, not to be.
53. We have to get things done ... and we're getting them done like no pres... (sorry fell asleep)... ident has ever - despite (oh my god-down the rabbit hole again) the obstruction. Because they are obstructers. Despite the tremendous obstruction. We're gettin 'em done like
54. Nobody has ever done before - and that makes me happy.

LAURA: Mr. President it is always so great to see you. Thank you so much for joining us tonight.

Thank you so much Laura.


[Two photos of the lunatic will be attached shortly]
55. This is a close up of Trump during the Ingraham-Trump Interview Part 2. Doesn't look too well.
56. This is when Trump looks deranged - breaks focus from conversation & looks right into the camera - addressing someone (couldn't understand the name) saying "I WANT FOOTBALL." He actually scared me.


p.s. Endurance medals, cash, roses & GOOD gifts accepted-kidding ❤️
56 (b) ... forgot the photo cuz ... HE SCARED ME !!
SUMMARY/ So, some observations:

Trump refers to "they/them" repeatedly no matter what the subject - he shifts responsibility to this nebulous "they."

He never refers to root causes of situations - Why football is paused. Why states are closed. He never links it to COVID.
SUMMARY/ He never shows empathy for people's suffering. Its about what he isn't getting. Laura is no better. It's all about who has political power - never about health & safety or the higher good or REASON.

He doesn't understand our voting system AT ALL.
SUMMARY/ We know Trump is dumber than a bag of hammers. It was entertaining to watch Laura flex some intellectual muscle (she does have some despite her hateful propaganda). I digress.

She lost Trump multiple times when she was talking about geo-political topics & policies.
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