It blows my mind how many people see #qanon info and say, “yeah, that seems completely legitimate. I’m in.”
If you don’t know what qanon is or if you’re a member, here are some test scenarios a la #jefffoxworthy
If your mama doesn’t want to hear about your world views, you might be a #qanon
If you get most of your news from people with the title “praying” in their title, you might be a #qanon
If your headgear involves any sort of aluminum foil, you might be a #qanon
If you think Obama was an alien, you might be #qanon
If people would rather shove hot pokers in their eyes instead of talking with you, you might be a #qanon
If you think bald eagles are trying to send you secret messages about #trump, you might be a #qanon
If you call the local pizza place only to ascertain if is an underground entrance to a secret sex palace, you might be a #qanon
If you think this thread is unpatriotic, you might be a #qanon
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