Wishing #HBDPawanKalyan and with blessings of Lord Chilkur Balaji Shri @PawanKalyan garu continues to support dharmik causes as he has done several time in past and also supports Chilkur Balaji #DeityRightsMovement lead by Deity Himself👇letter for support
Chilkur Balaji #DeityRightsMovement for Art 26 Rights of Lord Shri Padmanabha Swamy Deity is for protection of pious purpose of incarnation of Deity consecrated by Lord Shri Parasurama missed highlighting in the above letter seeking support @PawanKalyan
Dear @AskAnshul yes we thank Shri @PawanKalyan garu for the support for Dharmik causes kindly support our request for support to Chilkur Balaji #DeityRightsMovement 👆 https://twitter.com/AskAnshul/status/1301208179552870400
"Lord Ayyappa at Sabarimala is a Brahmachari and his tradition has to be respected.." Shri @PawanKalyan Garu on the Sabarimala issue

Chilkur Balaji #DeityRightsMovement is to secure Art 26 protection for Lord Ayyappa Deity's pious purpose of incarnation
While 👆 is a request for support of Shri @PawanKalyan garu for Chilkur Balaji #DeityRightsMovement with letter to His Excellency @rashtrapatibhvn for devotees of Chilkur Balaji who want to support His movement please sign petition by a devotee from US. http://chng.it/FGgB9mnz 
Also request devotees of Lord Ayyappa to support Chilkur Balaji #DeityRightsMovement which is supported by Lord Ayyappa's family members 👇 who lead the historic modern fight for the rights of Lord Ayyappa at Sabarimala by signing 👆 petition by a devotee https://twitter.com/PandalaKottaram/status/1300621964000653312
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