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Misclicked Sonic when I meant to pick Snake. Nikita does everything everyone thinks it does and more. I haven't yet seen anyone acknowledge how good it is a neutral tool. The move stuffs out so many approaches and also blocks projectiles too
For the record, Bowser Jr’s Side B is more or less a straight upgrade from Sonic’s, people just don’t talk about it because it’s Bowser Jr
COVID has taken this year, just in the outbreak, has taken more than 100 year, look, here's, the lives, it's just, it's erimeanwhen you think about it. More lives this year than any other year, for the past hundred years.
If you really dissect the character design, Sonic at his core is an aggressive rushdown character. When met with an opponent that plays aggressively, the match WILL GO BY QUICKLY. The only thing that forces time-outs is when the opponent decides to camp. Sonic is never the camper
If you really dissect the character design, Captain Falcon at his core is a campy zoning character. When met with a foe that plays defensively, the match WON'T GO BY QUICKLY. The only thing that forces quick games is when the opponent is a masher. Falcon is never the aggressor.
When at a deficit, playing lame and stalling ISN'T a bad strategy. People like to think I'm being an ass if I start stalling, but I do it because it helps wear down my opponent's mental stamina and lets me figure out my opponent's habits. I've made many comebacks doing this https
ANYTHING is a True Combo when your opponent drops their controller. All you have to do to set this up is SMACK that shit outta their hands. WiFi? You can still get the same effect by unplugging your Ethernet Cord, then when they Lag Test you, plug it back in and pass the test
Nothing in Smash is actually practical since EVERYTHING is situational if you really think about it. This is because there's so many situations that happen to where there's always SOMETHING in that situation you can do, making EVERYTHING situational.

Situational = Impractical🗿
Y'know what? I have MAD respect for any artists that are bold enough to show their skillful art on any Social Media platform and as such when I see really nicely drawn artwork, I will always like & retweet it so others get to give them the props they deserve. Nicely done.
Rollback sucks anyways. Smash's online is perfect the way it is.
Apparently Smash Twitter likes to complain about Sonic but then also try to be like "Sonic can't kill." Dafuq? Sonic's kill potential is BROKEN!!! He has ALL the tools needed to get a kill, ESPECIALLY with this.

I NEVER to see ANYONE try to tell me Sonic can't kill EVER again.
ur brain already affected from them dumbass illusions u got thinking in ur head ur fucking ears the least of@ur issues
COVID: I'm going to ruin this year! Mwahahahahaha!

Nintendo: Not if we can help it!

Though RIP Wii U, a remote control set instead of Mario Kart 9, no Waluigi/Geno in Smash, Mario Odyssey 2 and Mario Galaxy 2 and I'll never use an emulator ever again.
Only 4 characters have ever solo won an S tier. Should have clarified. Still don't think it's going to happen. Also that top 8 looks like a regional. Where are the top 10 players lol
Lol. Didnt think the tweet would blow up but I specifically mean soloing and a major with all the best players in the world (s tier) sorry it wasnt clear but there are plenty of 'majors' one of them could win. An S tier is unlike all your posted examples of tiny 'majors'
I also should have said solo which I didnt. Relative to thousands of entrants 3 or 4 hundred is in fact tiny. Sonic is the most likely but Im still thinking it wont happen. Literally just my thoughts
In terms of male human and female Pkm breeding, Vaporeon is the most compatible. Not only are they in the field egg group, which is mostly comprised of mammals, Vaporeon avg 3"03 tall and 63.9 lbs. Meaning theyre large enough to be able to handle human dick
you have to SUCK OFF your smash main until they burst their sticky fluid all in your mouth and then you have to SWALLOW like a good little pet...

how fucked are you?
fast fall nair
side b
down b
footstool air dodge down
side b
down tilt
jab 1 jablock
spinning kong
C'mon, we don't COMPLIMENT Top 7 characters in my chat.

Get that ass BANNED!!!
i used to wanna fuck the shit outta this bee when i was a kid, i’d spend hourd climbing all over her as bee mario
wait you made that? that was one of the sickest things ive seen
Can't wait for those offline tournaments for you to be put in your place. Don't mistake confidence for overconfidence, be humble. But then again, you're still a child who's acting like one. I respect your opinion
A man has fallen into the river in LEGO City! Start the new rescue helicopter. Hey!! Build the helicopter, and off to the the rescue. Prepare the lifeline, lower the stretcher, and make the rescue. The new emergency collection from LEGO City.

Why is it that absolutely EVERY single time I post a Copy Pasta, at least one person always joins in and proceeeds to post the Copy Pasta a 2nd time? How do I do this? Do I just have super powers? Am I secretly Copy Pasta Man?
I thought that was another copypasta at first
And almost copy pasted it
Y'know what?
Fuck it
Google is once again trying to manipulate Americans. Type “mob” or "mobs" into google and watch what comes up. Do the same on any other search engine.
I got fucking Rick rolled, I pretended to do The @ everyone ping (Don’t worry, I was trying to use these things “~~”) but it just said porn hub . Com like wtf
I think Mario beating Sonic in Death Battle was a good call, because most people overlook how incredibly strong Mario actually is. He moves so quickly that bullets move at a snail's pace and was shown in Super Mario World the various ways he can easily destroy entire castles.
I’ll be honest, Nintendo did make my body go fast when they showed me the 35th anniversary for Mario
Can i get a travis scott burger with extra slime- i mean sauce. Sorry I’m sicko mode right now hahaha, anyways hold the apple pie because I DONT WANT YOUR APPLE PIE MAMA hahahaha i hope there were no bystanders to see that
If they weren't allowed to reply to the tweet, then they wouldn't be able to click reply tho
Hol up
Who Tf
Dissed the purple pussy
the way this list is, a lot of "high tier" characters are gonna be upper mid just because of how many good characters there are. anyways sonic is not that good offline, he can't really box with a lot of the threats in this game
To be all honest, most of his gameplay is just fishing for the same things over and over again. And even tho spindash is very good, you can still guess what he’s going to do most of the time, and punish the spindash that way (this move doesn’t have range).
That’s not mentioning the fact that he has a very bad disadvantage state, has to rely on the smash few options every time to get kills, has bad out of shields, can’t exploit his advantage state as much has other top tiers (he will mostly get damage from winning neutral often)
His recovery is very exploitable, is bad overall in the air, lacks range (a lot) is not as good against projectiles then most people would think. I still think he’s high tier, but in all honesty, he IS carried by WIFI.
Sonic still struggles against zoners cause Sonic is pretty easy to read and if they get the stock advantage he basically lose. And spindash is bad to use offstage cause it sends you straight down at the speed of light, so he doesn’t have as many mixups offstage as you think.
Yeah spindash is good, but the hitbox of it is still small, and it’s easy to beat with any move with some priority.
So for you this character top 10. A character with a very linear play style and many flaws that do not count because he got spindash is top tier in your opinion. Yeah makes sense to me. It almost seems like Sonic is simply a character the people haven’t figured out yet.
Honestly think sex with a comically large gusher would feel better than fucking a actual woman - Pluto
And Ridley just stops what Sonic wants to do. Nair and Side b beat spin dash. My oos is great vs Sonic and my up B beats Spring. Can be difficult for Sonic to kill but easy for him to get damage. If up air worked better it might be harder for me. Playing lame vs him wins tho.
I honestly dont get why people are still Sonic fans when everyone and their mother knows Sonic Team will never make a good 3D Sonic game
Hes overrated trash imo. Shitty hitboxes, hard to kill with, has a single gimmick that isn't even that good, literally loses to shield, a universal move. I don't see why people put him at high tier just cause there are players doing good with him.
Scrubz im not here to suffer plus u dont know im here to suffer to shutup
My thoughts on Soniccord:

Note, if I type the phrase *serious* TwitLonger, it's not a Copy Pasta

So all wifi warriors should suffer unfairly because of the possibility of beaing laggy. Is like saying all black ppl should suffer unfairly because of the possibility of some of them being criminal. Should we all just segregate them too?
Nah, we ARE playing the game. In fact, by not going to time YOU are the one who isn't playing the game my guy.

By taking games to time, it allows us to have more play time on a game that costed us $60 dude. This means we get more out of our buck this way. Don't waste your money
I don't understand why people complain about WiFi Sonic. Nearly every character in the roster has the ability to cheese you and kill under 50%, yet Sonic seems to be the only one struggling to kill under 500%. I literally have to put in 10x the effort. Playing Sonic is a handicap
I'm seeing a bunch of rap fanboys talking shit about video game music and saying how it ain't real music like what did VG music do to you? It's not their fault they have way better music than the ghetto gangsta trash y'all listen to
I'm seeing a bunch of keyboard warriors talking shit about rap music and saying how it's ghetto gangsta trash like what did rap music do to you? It's not our fault we have way better music than the epic yippee wahoo trash y'all listen to
I never trust a mf who unironically thinks video games music is good. Sure, I listen to the Uncharted 4 soundtrack sometimes. But you’ll NEVER catch me putting that shit on a personal playlist
It's intriguing how ever since I joined Soniccord, I quickly gained a reputation for posting and even CREATING Copy Pastas. I could post some shit this long and people will immediately know exactly what I'm doing. That or they fall for it & they learn I'm a Copy Pasta God🗿
Thank you so much. See what happened when you hooked me up with that Will Smith GIF? All you did as a result was ADD to my Super Powers and because of that, people inadvertently Pasted my Pasta, which is exactly the result that I wanted.

I really appreciate your help 😈
Nah, Sonic player here and can confirm Sonic players DO have LAN.

It's just that when they're in tournament, they will Unplug their Ethernet Cord during matches so as to increase the chances of winning via spinning.

Someone Lag Tests us? We plug that shit back in and pass🗿
Sonic is so good in Smash Ultimate, that he can do 500%+ damage on you before he takes your stock.
B. R. O. K. E. N.
Megaman, pikachu, pichu, ganondorf, zero suit samus, mostly projectile based characters and smaller characters as well, these are characters Sonic struggles with. But in my opinion, everyone can beat him depending on the player’s knowledge of the character’s playstyle.
Ganon feels even, if ganon gets a lead sonic needs to approach and he sucks at that, but if sonic gets the lead it's super hard to win, although I'm not a sonic main so take it with a grain of salt
That means it'll beat other moves. No matter what the move is, Sonic is the BEST character in the game, GOD MODE during these 6 Frames.
Smash Bros. Ultimate to host tournament for close-quarters fighters
Did you know that I actually have Super Powers. That's right, I'm not like most people in that regard. Just like what Super Heroes & Super Villains do tho, whenever I use my power I'm often given a nickname like some type of alfer ego. When I use my powers, I am Copy Pasta Man 😈
Remember kids, Secret rings is the best out of the storybook series and possibly the best sonic game of all time
You might wanna back off dude, he’s a PROFESSIONAL troll AND oddball. Hopefully he updates his header soon along with sonic, since he clearly just adjusted to using whoever his friends say is “broken” on WiFi instead of LAN now.
This is the doing of a child who hates themselves. As someone who’s been there, grow up pal. Focus on getting better at smash at the very least, that’s WAY more productive than taking out your self-hate on others 🖐😊🤚
Ah, can’t just add a reply to the thread, better just be meta like my hero RICK and copypasta him! You ain’t slick, edgelord. I’m being nicer than you deserve.
Ay yo, today I'm officially coming out as Niggagender.

My pronouns from now on are ni, nigga, & niggaself.

If you EVER refer to me by ANYTHING other than these pronouns that I just listed above, then from this day forward, you will now be dubbed as being Niggaphobic🗿
Us sonic players at least hide the fact that our spin shot is just an instant double jump. They don’t even have the balls to give it a fake name
#CancelSonicTwitter, because the current developers will NEVER be able to please such a split fandom.

So extinguish the fuse before the bomb goes off in 2021
No. It is political and should be kept away from children/adolescents &learning spaces. I believe kindness and compassion should be given to everyone. The learning environment is meant to be an unbiased place of knowledge seeking, not a place to move personal opinions and agendas
If you really dissect the car’s design, You at your core is an aggressive rushdown driver. When met with an driver that speeds aggressively, the race WILL GO BY QUICKLY. The only thing that forces slow downs is when the driver decides to camp. UR2SLOW is never the camper
i just can’t believe that after 10 years of suffering through being trash tier my character is finally decent
you guys aren’t ready for how fucking cancerous viable ganon’s gonna be
Joker has flaws, Pikachu has flaws, Ganon has flaws

A Smash character without flaws doesn't exist, but it requires effort to surpass limitations. Winning as a high tier is a good player, winning as a low tier is a champion
When in a traffic jam, driving slow & steady ISN'T a bad strategy. People like to think I'm being an ass if I start halting but I do it because it helps me wear down my peers mental capacity and lets me figure out my peers road patterns. I've made many safe trips doing this.
nice to know sonix hasnt lost his ego since 3ds. players like him wonder why they get hate or why people cheer against them in bracket lol. Gonna see if I can run it back in grands.
My DH MU Chart. Don't take this as a law, take it as guidance on how well you understand to utilize this character. If they're in the (advantage or slight adv) and above, those are characters you should know how to fight well if you understand the mechanics of DH. #SSBU_Duck
Olimar players 100% of the time will sit back and wait when you do this. They will WATCH you and do absolutely NOTHING to you as you wiggle your Shield to get the Pikmin off you 💯
This is a shady transaction that only harms the industry. When Sony buys a studio, it’s someone they have spent generations working with nearly exclusively. Buying major franchises shared by gamers across platforms isn’t the way to build your base and not what most people wanted.
Roy sux & isn't a Masher, from 🔥Edgeworth🔥

Okay here's my "hot take" for you guys. Remember this is just my opinion. Once you know the "X Character" match up, they just sucks so much ass it's insane. but their neutral is SO linear and I can just tell what their whole game plan is.
call me old fashioned but i was raised to serve my husband. i let him time me out and i run directly into spin dash. i pick final destination because he is my husband and he makes the rules on the stagelist. He owns me. if i ever manage to win a set it's because he was lacking.
What about when Sonix chooses to camp? Is sonic not the camper then? (I’m asking a genuine question, not being salty or sarcastic)
shit i was looking for a funny porn pic when my mom called, so I went to see her and forgot to close down my app
I forget why I followed you but you made me regret it faster than anyone I've followed in the past.

Constantly being a dick isn't funny is this all you can do? Do you have no other qualities that make you interesting? Right now it doesn't look like it.
Rivals, brawlhalla, they're all smash ripoffs. Cod is a Halo ripoff because they used the same format for a different game. Are you illiterate AND bad at video games?
Jab Jab Hoes Mad !!!! Shoulda teched are you okay??????? Unga bunga forward aerial ZSS SUCKS *hitbox doesn't cover toe* ok ROB Main (pocket Cuphead Luigi) GO BOXING RING
After multiple death threats and attempts to get me fired from my new job I am still here😎 So lets have some fun again👌
#PillFighter #gamedev
Sonic LITERALLY is shown to be capable of Teleporting CANONICALLY in the Sonic Universe as he is capable of using Chaos Control.

With this knowledge in mind, I now want 🅱️AD Rollback Netcode so Sonic will in the end, MORE closely resembles his powers in the ACTUAL Sonic Universe
So imma say it. SDI'ing "X chars," as easy as it is, is so unhealthy for the characters. They deserve to combo/confirm as much as any other character. Idc about damage output. You were outplayed

It's essentially:

"Oh, you read/punished me?.. F*ck you, you don't deserve it"

Wrong, you can clip X Character sitting their because you can literally clip *anything*

Whether the clip is a Combo or not doesn't matter, because a clip in of itself can feature *anything* in it. Therefore, you can easily show a footage of you or your opponent setting up camp
I fucking sold my body and soul to make that money lmao, you think you have to love and respect every shitty job you do for money? I'd rather flip burgers at mcdonalds if it paid the same amount.
Literally no 9-year old with a brain would like to play as X Character because their character design is garbage from bottom to top lmao but aight
The phrase “it’s just a burger” is such a weak mindset. You are ok with what happened, floppingthe flipping, imperfection of a craft. When you stop getting angry after flopping, you’ve lost twice.

There’s always something to learn, and always room for improvement, never settle.
You can’t be serious, please tell me you’re joking
YES! This is ME! This one image embodies absolutely EVERYTHING that you will EVER need to know about me.

If you ever get curious as to who I am, what I do, my likes, my dislikes, literally ANYTHING that has to do with me? This ONE image is, quite frankly, the ONLY thing you need
I don't understand why people complain about Sonic fans. Nearly every Sonic stan on Earth has the ability to please you & do flashy stunts, yet peeps seem to be the only one struggling to give em approval. I literally have to put in 10x the effort. Being a Sonic fan is a handicap
The only “difference” is Falco nair being a multi hit and also utilt.

But literally everything else is identical and don’t even bother mentioning animation because I don’t care about that 😂
Sonic has 🅱️ moves that cause *Chaos* for everyone he's up against, and this is backed up by how tilted players get when fighting Sonic. These 🅱️ moves are also broken enough to allow Sonic to have ABSOLUTE, full*Control* the pace of the match? Y'know what that is? Chaos Control
upon opening an anonymous message that contains the super smash bros ultimate logo I get sent into a panic. I close my windows, lock my doors and cut electricity, run to the basement and write my goodbyes on a piece of paper, the last thing I see is the bottom of a pistol barrel,
Snake has literally 0 tools to hit people above him
The phrase “it’s just a game” is such a weak mindset. You are ok with what happened, losing, imperfection of a craft. When you stop getting angry after losing, you’ve lost twice.

There’s always something to learn, and always room for improvement, never settle.
ok so if my theory is correct X Character is gonna absolutely shit on steve (this is only goes off of from what i saw in the trailer). #1 looking at these aerials it doesnt look like steve can punish nair OOS. i havent seen his up smash yet but if its not like frame 10 than i can
Too bad the bottom row isn't all Mii skins. Steve really should have been relegated to a Mii Swordfighter skin and someone whose moveset isn't obnoxious put in his place. Sakurai has killed any faith I had in the rest of the picks being good.
You won't be saying that when online steve blocks you into a corner with his shitty custom ruleset and times you out after taking one stock. His moveset looks even more obnoxious than hero's.
Minecraft is just a time sink, kind of like MMOs. It's like lame legos, call me back when there's a Bionicle to Minecraft's Lego because that might actually be worth my time. I only own a copy because it's shovelware that Microsoft included with windows 10 on my laptop.
I low-key realize that I just got reality punched by sonic twice from that Trailer. The first for the punch from sonic that made me think there was a sonic rep. The second one was for the disappointment wasn’t another sonic rep but than a full 180 with joy because it was Steve.
Tonight, @/FLOTUS and I tested positive for COVID-19. We will begin our quarantine and recovery process immediately. We will get through this TOGETHER!
GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD EVENING SONICCORD! This is your DAILY reminder that Wario (aka Bad Mario) is NEVER getting into smash on account of him literally being just a differently shaped Mario. That’s all!
If Steve is an actual character I’m uninstalling. No one asked for this and no one wants this. Bad enough you only DLC’d Sans and everyone wanted that. Geno and Waluigi? Eesh
Nah idc, Sonic is sick and here's why.

Y'know what's sick about Sonic? So he starts the match by spinning, and then guess what? He does it again, and again, and againg, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again. He cool 💯
Y'know what I just realized? One day someone is gonna unironically try to Cancel me because of a Copy Pasta.

They will probably see a Copy Pasta that you can literally find within my thread DEDICATED to Copy Pastas and unironically think I genuinely believe the things they say
It DID send him to Minecraft. That's literally what the transition looks like.

Sonic is so good at FISTING that when he sends people to Minecraft, there's a RIP in the sky and a MASSIVE explosion that goes off.

Yeah that's right, his hands are THAT powerful. He can't be stopped
And people really think Pika is broken when he really isn’t. He’s low high tier at best.
Since Trump is a Leo rising, it made me realize that Leo risings can say anything.... even just exist and it somehow upsets people. Not defending trump or his actions but Leo’s definitely trigger people unintentionally for the most part.
Ay yo, guess what. I'm non-existent. Yeah that's right, you heard me LOUD & CLEAR!!! I don't exist. In actuality you *think* I exist when anything to do with me is all inside of your own head. In reality, the fact of the matter is, I am merely a figment of your own imagination 💯
I don’t know who needs to hear this but if you support being Horny during puberty, you support Pedophilia. Explain to me why “CHILDREN” need sexual preferences like straight, lesbian, gay, and bisexual.

Children & Sex= Pedophilia 🤓"
The phrase “it’s just a pfp” is such a weak mindset. You are ok with what happened, bad angles, imperfection of a craft. When you stop getting angry after one pimple, you’ve lost twice.

There’s always something to learn, and always room for improvement, never settle.
Sonic Final Smash Increased attack range.
Sonic FS Meter Increased attack range.
Extended launch distance
So... almost a two whole years and no good "X Character" results...WEIRD ISN'T IT? If only there was a reasonable explanation for this. Maybe something pertaining to the characters viability? I dunnooooo 👀
"how fast you punch doesn't matter all that matters is how hard you hit"
Y'all niggas realize that if they fix Sonic he would LITERALLY become the best character in the game right? Y'all want us to get FREE kill confirms OOS? Lose Tech Chase Spin Charge for WAY MORE BROKEN Emerald Dive?

Fuck that, just buff Sonic's penis as good as Falcon's instead🗿
Blitz wall stuffs out spindash approaches and utilt stuffs out his attacks from the air. We camp under a plat and sonic has a hard time getting in.
EVERYTHING stuffs out Spin Dash because it's Negatively Disjointed. Thing is tho, that's referring to one of Sonic's main approaching tools in his entire kit.

The fact that one of Sonic's main ways of approaching has a Hitbox as Negatively Disjointed as Puff Rest MUST be bad 💯
People are finally beginning to realize how bad spindash is
Literally everyone beat it out like this
Sonic sucks
There’s a difference between beating a move and stuffing it out. Sonics can mix up their timing with spindash and use mixups to make the move hard to hit. Mean while blizzwall is a constant wall that sonic can’t directly challenge.
A good sonic won’t challenge it. But because they can’t out camp us they’ll have to try aerial approaches which works but a lot less effective because of icies strong anti airs
We literally never have to approach. If we lose the lead we will probably lose the game but if we play defensive optimally we will almost always have the lead
Why Sonic has NO Winning Match Ups on gawd 😤

Man X Character being able to have more movement options has got to be the worst change from smash 4 to ultimate. It's not that it's broken or anything, it's just that X Character Players think they're cool now
Day 2 impression

Steve is the worst character in the game, def got some things going for him in adv state, but the character is much better in theory, too many weaknesses and stale af

Open to having my mind changed over time, but not gonna discuss it on twitter, so don't bother
COVID has taken this year, just in the outbreak, has taken more than 100 year, look, here's, the lives, it's just, it's erimeanwhen you think about it. More lives this year than any other year, for the past hundred years. - Samsora
After 2nd Steve session, can confirm he's mid tier. Uninteresting & very mind numbing gameplay.

The mining mechanic functions as a fun meter, if it's gone then you're just not playing the game anymore. Go hold B in the corner for another 10 seconds. Roast me 4 my correct opinion
If you really dissect the character design, Steve at his core is an aggressive rushdown character. When met with an opponent that plays aggressively, the match WILL GO BY QUICKLY. The only thing that forces time-outs is when the opponent decides to camp. Steve is never the camper
Red pill, it's not even that serious... Family members had it and thought it was a fucking joke... They're fine btw, they got over it in 3 days. - ShinRukiri
LMAOOOO This nigga think I play melee. How cute . Smash kids man, I tell ya. Just graduated from sucking they momma's titties and they already actin a fool. DW man, this ain't community beef. I'd have to be a part of your wack ass social circle first. Good looks tho.
Shootouts to ya boy @legacy_ult for this one🗿
Today I learned that Smash players are so dumb that they actually think the only strategy besides camping for 7 minutes is doing stupid shit on shield.

Like, they thought about gray areas more when people were getting outted as pedos lmao.
Day 3

I stand by what I said, Steve is trash, bottom 7 and potentially the worst character in the game. Video will be made showing and explaining why soon

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X Character is the hypest character in the game FREE. Every time I watch them play, every single part of my body just energizes I become consumed by the #xcharactergang hype. People only think they're lame cause the government wants them to think that
Nah bro sonic isnt toxic.Sonic actually takes a large amount of skill that no ordinary smash bros player could have.Even peach and daisy players or shulk mains could compare to the sheer amount of skill needed to use sonic both in technical skill and gamesense wise.Sonics stro
Can someone explain to me what exactly Robotnik is doing wrong? Seems to me like he's just providing FREE robotic exoskeletons to protect the little animals, and building cool themes parks and shit like Eggmanland.
If you only have a 1% lead and you go for a timeout, you're doing it wrong
Boutta write an angry letter to tails workshop cuz they refuse to push the aggro sonic meta! 😤😤😤😡
Really, Nintendo? ANOTHER Fire Emblem game, while Racing with Ryan only gets one? Really goes to show how much you don't care about your fans that will actually give you money.
yo no joke I got an assignment that's due at midnight (in like 7h) and it's about the sexualization of cartoon characters, does anyone know what episode this is/where I can find more of this sort of stuff? again, for an assignment
Im pretty sure Melee has died though.. no lans.. no exposure.. the games fallen in the wind. Thank god. If it somehows resurges when lans open back up great, but at this moment. Melee is dead.
besides riddles and andres all these fucking wifi ryu/ken/terry players are below average players that get straight up carried to top 8s because their character is such a fucking disease
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