Tenants (and organizers) in California: you have pretty good protections right now if you cannot pay rent and you have been impacted by COVID in any way.


Quick explanation of what I think some may be missing with the new law... (1/)
If you sign a declaration telling your landlord you've been impacted by COVID, they can't start an eviction for non-payment until February 1, 2021.

You have to pay 25% of the rent for the next several months -- but that total is not due until February 1, 2021.
Obviously there are HUGE PROBLEMS.

But tenants who are informed / connected with the right organizations (like @LATenantsUnion for example) should be protected, at least until February, for non-payment cases.

Some of those problems...
1) Landlords will file evictions for other reasons and if you don't respond within 5 days you're screwed.

2) Landlords can pretend you never gave them a declaration and still file an eviction after the first 15-day notice, and if you don't respond within 5 days you're screwed.
3) If you don't pay 25% of your rent by February 1, LL can start eviction proceedings in a few days.

4) Even those who manage to pay 25% will still be in massive debt.

5) probably tons of other issues I haven't yet thought about.
None of this is to say the law is GOOD, or to praise Gavin Newsom. This law fucking sucks.

But folks need to use it as much as they can. Don't let people get evicted because they don't understand the law!
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