Fellow resisters,

We are fighting against some sophisticated and some not so sophisticated adversaries on social media.

We can expect in the weeks to come that there may be more:

-Fake accounts

-Flips from 'resisters' to MAGA

-Attacks on us by organized reporting groups

-Organized disinformation campaigns (some of which may come from what appear to be resisters, but are actually meant to discredit us: often in the form of video or news).

-Attempts to stir unrest and cause distractions within the resistance

-Increased hacking of accounts

-Organized bot activity to trend offensive/provocative/propaganda-oriented hashtags

-Bot campaigns to attack candidates, resistance organizations and high level resisters, flooding them with harassing replies (thankfully a filter is available now)

And other similar activity

To stay safe during these increasingly challenging times it's important to follow how Twitter enforces its rules.

Here's a guide I wrote in a thread to get you started.

4/ https://twitter.com/vegix/status/1254549921107247104?s=20
In addition to being careful about Twitter enforcement, it's important to keep your account, your device and your network safe.

Below is another thread, this one focused on security.

Also consider a VPN if you wish to try to stay quasi-anonymous.


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