If your personal indigenous culture was not appropriated in the photos, or if you as an indigenous person have no issue with TXT’s CA, that’s okay. no indigenous experience is necessarily shared, and there is no one mass indigenous culture, nor should it be treated as such.
I’ve had many people asking me to respond to this thread. My response is, if that is the position of OP, and they are fine with TXT’s clothing, then that’s fine, that is their stance, and should be respected. However, if you are indigenous and do take offense, that’s okay too https://twitter.com/flawlessowon/status/1300900923267600392
I recall one time on indigenous people’s day asking my mom why we shouldn’t let white people dress up like us in celebration. My mom said they just can’t. She said that bc it isn’t their culture to wear. That is my experience
My great-grandmother and grandmother were both part of the Indian Boarding School programs that took place in the US. Programs where they cut off your braids, punish you for speaking your language, and effectively strip you of your culture.
Indigenous american culture, no matter how normalized or mainstream it is to appropriated, is still no one’s but indigenous peoples to utilize. If there are some indigenous cultures who make their living off sharing it with others, that is their right. It’s their culture.
TXT hasn’t used indigenous culture in any way that is acceptable or respectful, at least from my perspective. If yours is different, that is your right, if and only if you are an indigenous person. There is no right response to this issue.
If you don’t think emailing bighit is worth your time, then don’t. The only reason I did was because I’m very sick of non-indigenous people stripping indigenous cultural items of all their meaning. You do not have to share my views, but I wish they would be respected.
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