If you live in Norwich and are inspired by @HughFW and @itsanitarani @BBCNews #WarOnPlastic programme tonight, then great news!

You've got lots of excellent #ZeroWaste and #PackagingFree #ShopLocal shops to visit in @NorwichBIDUK - Here's just a few of them:
Starting with the original #PlasticFree shopping experience for over 900 years - it's @norwich_market

With CJ's Fruit and Veg, Birchley's Loose Leaf Tea, City Fish, Herbs & Spices, Pickering's of Norwich, The Cheeseman and many more

Just remember to take your containers along!
If you're fed up of #Plastic in your #TeaBags - then why not try #LooseLeaf tea from the likes of @WilkinsonsofNor on Lobster Lane (just up the hill from @ThornsDIY)

Just remember your Tea Tin!

For more great #PlasticFree Fruit and Veg, there's Ford's Fishmongers, Fruit and Veg on Gloucester Street just off of Unthank Road.

These guys have been great in Lockdown - took our shopping list and picked it all for us!

One of our favourites is the @TheGreenGrocers just off of Earlham Road in Norwich - with Loose Fruit and Veg, lots of #PlasticFree #Refills, loose grains and dry bulk foods, plus lots of other ethical and sustainable products and low packaging solutions. @EcoverUK, @FaithInNature
Then we're very lucky to have a number of #ZeroWaste shops with #PlasticFree solutions including bulk dry products and liquid #Refills for @EcoverUK and @SumaWholefoods soaps and laundry liquids:

#PlasticPollution #plastic #PlasticBags #Packaging #environment #SaveOurSeas
@RainbowWholefds on Guildhall, have been in the game since 1976 and offer @FaithInNature soap refills plus loads of Organic and GM free foods
Plus, there's the Little Shop of Vegans on St. Benedict's Street who do a number of #ZeroWaste and #PlasticFree products including @georganicsuk dental floss, toothpaste and mouthwash pills and @SumaWholefoods and @FaithInNature #refills
And of course, we have Re.Source General Store on Timber Hill - another Refill shop selling dry bulk food, liquid #Refills and #PlasticFree Solutions!

And after writing all that - I realise yet again why I moved back to Norwich - a bootiful city indeed! Let's keep it that way - #PlasticFree!

@VisitNorwich @NorwichBIDUK @NorwichGreens @NorwichXr @NorwichLanes
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