The CDC has announced a new, nationwide moratorium on evictions lasting from now until the end of December. This thread will cover the details, and then some actions that DSA locals can take to ensure it is effective and that tenants are not forced out of their homes regardless.
Firstly, unlike the CARES Act moratorium, this applies to all rental properties. If any home is being rented out, it is covered by the moratorium depending on the tenant's circumstances.
Tenants must make a *self-declaration to their landlord* - it does not need to be processed to be effective.

They first must declare that they
(a) received a stimulus check, or
(b) did not have to pay tax in 2019, or
(c) expect to earn 99k or less, or 198k if filing jointly.
Second, they must declare they have lost income or incurred unexpected expenses due to the economic or medical effects of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Third, they must declare they are doing their best to make partial payments, taking into account other necessary expenses e.g. food.
Finally they must declare that they will become homeless or have to move into a congregated setting such as a family home, shelter, or house with roommates if they are evicted.

Once this declaration is made, they can't be evicted til 2021.
If a tenant does not make this declaration, even if it would apply to them, they can still be evicted if it would otherwise be permissible under local and state laws.

It does NOT override stricter moratoriums like that in Washington, D.C. where currently nobody can be evicted.
It also does NOT cancel rent or convert rental debt into consumer debt that tenants cannot be evicted for in future, so people who cannot pay will still have to deal with a backlog. DSA continues to believe cancelling rent is the only just solution to the COVID housing crisis.
That being said, this moratorium will only work if tenants are aware of it. Locals have the opportunity to canvass their neighbors and inform them of their new rights under the CDC moratorium, and how they can make a declaration to their landlord that can keep them in their home.
This is a reprieve, not a final victory for tenants. We must help protect tenants from eviction through education about these rights while also continuing the struggle to cancel rent and ensure that landlords, banks and the rich - not tenants - pay for this crisis.
We would also note that this means tenants in many states will have effective protection against evictions for nonpayment for the first time since the crisis began. This is an opportunity for tenants, and your DSA locals, to talk to neighbors about tenant unions and rent strikes.
We have been receiving some questions about whether this applies to no-fault evictions or merely to evictions with nonpayment as a specific cause. To be clear, this moratorium DOES NOT allow no-fault evictions (but does permit evictions for certain other causes, see screens).
(we phrased this poorly in a previous version of the tweet, so deleted and rephrased to clarify)
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