While we continue to have important ongoing conversations about diversity in front of the camera, diversity behind the scenes, and diversity in the writer’s room, it’s time we amplify the conversation about diversity in marketing.
It’s a multi-layered thing. Here are some things I’ve been thinking about lately (and for the last 7 years).

First and foremost: Do networks pour as much marketing $$ into the shows led by BIPOC/Latinx characters as they do into shows led by white characters?
Specifically, I feel like I frequently hear about Latinx shows being canceled before I hear about them being launched — and I’m a white person who has ACTIVELY sought to consume Latinx content for the last two years while writing for multiple Latinx characters.
In order to be submitted for awards consideration, there’s generally a fee. I’d be curious about how many marginalized actors and writers have their fees covered by their studios and how many have to pay for it themselves, in comparison to cis white counterparts.
(I was always grateful that The CW pretty much submitted everyone for everything. Even though it was often wishful thinking, it made everyone feel valued.)

Same for $$ put into awards campaigns, for networks and studios that do that.
Then it gets into more detail about the actual material. Are characters of color highlighted in marketing? Are they featured, or are they standing in the deep background? Are LGBT romances given the poster space and trailer time that straight romances are given?
I also think it’s important because it says to marginalized audiences, “hey, we’re making this content FOR YOU, too.” We’re not just asking LGBT audiences to tag along and pick up subtext, we are prioritizing your stories. They matter enough for the trailers and posters.
BTW — Showrunners have very little creative control or input over their show’s marketing material, but the success of their show is completely dependent on it. I got to see some RNM pilot stuff in advance, but didn’t get to change it. Usually we see stuff when it airs/posts.
I was once asked specifically if Alex on RNM should have his crutch in a poster that was being made. I’d had the actor use the crutch in the photo shoot. I said yes, because it was important that his disability be visible, not erased. The crutch ended up digitally erased anyway.
I wish that more marketing would highlight characters’ differences — culture, bodies, sexualities — so that those audiences know “hey, this one’s for you.” This isn’t just a dark-haired love interest, this is a proud Mexican woman with a rich history.
(BTW, marketing is different from publicity. It’s complicated but generally network/studio $$ is spent on marketing, it’s a big budget thing. Publicity — interviews, articles, actors social media — is connected, but isn’t really paid for except for travel expenses etc.)
I'm curious about your impression of diversity in marketing and compared to diversity in the actual show or film... whether you're a showrunner or actor or marketing professional or fan.

Like I said, it's something I have never had much involvement in, so I'm interested.
(TBH this current soapbox rant isn't really about any show I've worked on -- those are just the specific examples I know how to cite -- it's more about the fact that I binge re-watched One Day At A Time from the beginning while I was healing up from surgery and it is so perfect.)
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