Yes, this kind of presentation is very familiar to us. Yes, it is a presentation we often see only in the hospital. Yes, he met criteria for hospitalization long ago. But we were told that mental health laws do not apply to the president.
Just as we were told that a sitting president cannot be indicted, cannot be subpoenaed, and cannot even be charged, even if his criminality threatened national security. We are essentially being told that no law applies to the president, and that the president is above the law.
We were told only Constitutional measures applied to the president, not lesser laws (imagine doing this for a heart attack?). But then we were told the 25th Amendment does not apply because of political barriers, not medical ones. So now the Constitution does not apply, either.
So what, finally, is our difference from the monarchy we rebelled to be free from, the arbitrary rule of mad King George? This might have been excusable 250 years ago, before mental health had developed. What is our excuse now?
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