This clip reinforces anti-Muslim racism about the “Muslim world” & “Muslim leaders” as a point of comparison to Trump’s support for violence.

With anti-Muslim policies taking hold globally, @JoyAnnReid, I hope you‘ll spend time on your extremely popular segment to undo this harm
As someone who has worked in progressive spaces, I know liberals or progressives are not immune to reinforcing Islamophobia.

In fact, well-intentioned allies ended up reinforcing Islamophobia when the Muslim Ban was implemented so I had to write a whole messaging guide.
Potentially the worst part of this clip is legitimizing how the media speaks about Muslims & “radicalization.” As if the portrayal is accurate.

It‘s not.

The false ideas of “radicalization” have led to surveillance programs against Muslim communities.
The ongoing violence of white supremacy should be compared to that of its own past.

If anyone wants to compare despotic leaders, name them. Modi, Assad, Trump, MBS.
Muslims bear the brunt of violence from all sides. We deserve better — our lives literally depend on it.

Hire Muslims with astute political analysis to work on your news programs. And, minimally, invite Muslims to speak on your shows — not commentators who worked for the FBI.
An apology is really the bare minimum. Muslims deserve entire segments dedicated to policies harming our communities—in the U.S. & abroad.

And also celebrating the resilience of our peoples.

The media, in general, owes us a lot for profiting off anti-Muslim fearmongering.
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