TFSA sources have said no Syrian mercenaries have been transferred to Azerbaijan. Yet. They've heard the first could be sent as soon as this week. Not from a particular faction; men with desirable technical abilities will be handpicked by TSK.
They've told them the salary will be––and it's so stupid it pains me to type this––$13k for commanders. $7k for a run-of-the-mill mercenary.

Reminder: NONE of them have received close to the $2k promised to them in Libya.
Libya's lucrative for Turkey. In addition to 10k+ Syrians (and there have been many reports of SNA and TSK fudging numbers and skimming salaries), no one knows how much they're charging the GNA (and Qatar) for their officers/advisors/soldiers.
When I interviewed some of the first TFSA in Libya, they said TSK told them Haftar (a Sunni, like most of Libya) was "trying to destroy the Sunnis." I'm guessing, since most can't find it on a map, that these sectarian extremists don't know Azerbaijan is a Shia majority country.
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