i'm gonna make a thread about how to support au writers and not piss them off because most of y'all really don't have a clue lmao
1. qrt! even if it's just once per update, and even if the fic is completed. the writer wants to know how you react to big moments so please qrt!
2. follow the writer! if you enjoy someone's content, the least you could do is give them a follow.
3. don't leave rude comments! seems obvious but some of you don't get it. being frustrated with a character who's making a bad decision is okay, but screaming in a writer's mentions about how much you hate the characters they've worked hard to create is disheartening. don't do it
4. don't compare their work to the works of other writers. let a writer's story stand on its own. that's it.
don't demand updates even if it's been a couple days or even weeks since the last update. it's rude and i promise it won't motivate a writer as much as positive comments and actual SUPPORT.
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