The King Soopers Community Rewards program allows grocery shoppers at King Soopers and City Market stores in Colorado to have a percentage of all their purchases go to The Wild Animal Sanctuary each time they shop...
As if gaining over one thousand new enrollees was not fantastic enough news, last fiscal quarter alone brought $34,379.20 to TWAS and the rescued animals, here! A staggering amount; all from shopping at Colorado’s home state grocery stores!...
This may sound too good to be true - but remember, this is exactly what their Community Rewards program is set out to accomplish: support local charities from each of the respective purchases of those that have enrolled to do so!...
The key ingredient here, though, is “Enroll”. The animals at TWAS can only benefit from your purchases once you have completed the enrollment. This brief process only takes about thirty seconds to set-up. It’s that easy…
Step 1: Make sure your King Soopers/City Market Card or associated phone number (alternate ID) are registered online at  (which is also where one goes in order to schedule picking up groceries or have them delivered during these cautious times)
Step 2: Once signed-in online, find “Savings” on the upper left drop-down menu. From there, select “King Soopers Community Rewards”.
Step 3: This will bring you to a page instructing how to enroll in the program. On this page is an option to search for the charity of your choosing.

Step 4: Simply search for “The Wild Animal Sanctuary” or the ID Code MC424 and then click “Enroll”!
And just like that, each time you make a purchase at King Soopers or a City Market, you are helping hundreds of rescued animals! What a wonderful thing!
Even if you are out of state and are not able to partake in this program, we know you would if you could, and would greatly appreciate your sharing this information with your Colorado connections!
We are so grateful to these grocers for their generous giveback program, as well as to the 2,600+ families contributing to its success - and to all those hungry shoppers who will join them so the numbers can really soar (and roar)!
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