CNN propagandist Josh Campbell today decided to gaslight America by asserting Portland is a peaceful place where Antifa don't riot, or set things on fire.

He's a liar. Let's take a trip down memory lane, yeah?
July 12th: protester tells Portland police "I hope someone kills your whole family" (happens around 20 seconds in) --- video via 
How far back do we need to go? May 30th/31st? When Portland Antifa beat up people in the streets? (video from )
For the moment I'm going to zero in on the "FIRE" aspect of what Josh Campbell is referring to.

July 15th/16th. Antifa started a fire at the site of where the Portland Elk statue was, and burned a US flag in the blaze. (video via )
July 17th/18th. A lot of Antifa's focus in Portland over the summer was the Federal Courthouse. Night after night of besieging it. (video via )
July 18th/19th: ANOTHER frequent Antifa target was setting fire to the Portland Police Union building. (video via )
But to get back to Josh Campbell's remarks: what you can clearly see in this video taken somewhere either the night of July 20th/morning of July 21st, is ANTIFA attacking buildings, sometimes using explosives. And LASERS to blind people. (video via )
And as you can see here, rioters in Portland did NOT just hit the courthouse. In this video they had just robbed a jewelry store and set fire to the outside of an H&M.
(also taken the morning of July 21st) (video via )
So. To re-iterate.

We got Antifa lighting up FIRES in Portland.
(Night of July 22nd/Morning of July 23rd)
(video via )
We got Antifa injuring police officers in Portland.
(video via  that took place presumably the night of July 26th)
and we got Antifa using EXPLOSIVES in Portland. (video from night of July 27th, via )
OH and Portland Antifa got a pig's head, placed it on an American flag, put a cop's hat on it, and set fire to it outside the downtown Justice Center.

That's how Antifa ended July 2020. (video via )
Is CNN's Josh Campbell saying Antifa/BLM did NOT surround a car and start shooting?

Because that happened. (Video from )
People got hurt in this Summer's Portland demonstrations. Antifa rioters knocked out this street preacher. (video via )
And things got NASTY. Like that one night a Portland Antifa rioter was hit in the head with a tear gas canister. (Video via )
Don't take my word for it. Here's a Portland cop describing what it was like on the ground of this urban battlefield that the city ended up becoming. (video from )
This video from August 9th marked the THIRD time Antifa set the Portland Police's union hall on fire. (video via )
^^ Josh Campbell of CNN comes off as IGNORANT given how Antifa just set up fires in the streets of Portland. (video via )
It was only TWO WEEKS AGO in Portland that a man CRASHED HIS CAR, had rioters drag him out into the street, and BEAT HIM IN THE STREET. (video via )
"Antifa aren't burning down buildings in Portland"

WELL this video of the Multnomah Building in Portland, on FIRE, tells a different story. (taken August 19th via )
I don't know what else to say.

The worst part of all this is that this is JUST ONE CITY, out of MANY in America, that has seen an unprecedented level of violence and destruction.
I guess that's the end of this thread. Kind of did it all off the cuff.

Josh Campbell from CNN is a liar.
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