This is appalling.

@JoyAnnReid first just throws out “Muslim leaders” encouraging “their followers” to ‘use their bodies to inflict violence’ (which leaders?). Then compares “how Muslims act” to American white nationalist radicalization.
When you use terms like “leaders”, you’re talking about individuals who have some authority & power in their communities. A Muslim leader can be anyone from a Shaykh/Imam to a president/PM to a community organizer. If she meant ppl like Baghdadi, well he isn’t a “Muslim leader”.
Someone like Baghdadi is a political and spiritual leader of a non-state militant group. That’s not a “Muslim leader”.
This is casual, acceptable anti-Muslim racism on what’s considered the ‘most liberal’ news network.
also, please stop using Muslims, Islam, Islamic terminology as comparisons for white nationalists as though anything violent associated with some Muslims or perceived as violent via Islamophobic narratives (ie Sharia) is the default of violence & “radicalization”.
Can we compare chauvinisms? Absolutely - ethno-nationalist supremacies, regardless of origin, have more in common than not. But no one in this news industry knows how to do it & usually just end up espousing bigotry.
The “brown guy on the panel” is a former FBI asset whose parents were also FBI assets. In this thread he uses his ethnic background & faith of his father to OK Reid’s patently anti-Muslim comments (and makes it about white guys calling her out when a lot of brown women are💁🏻‍♀️)
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