Mark Zuckerberg has given $50M to David Becker, who spread the myth that it wld be almost impossible 4 hackers to change the outcome of a national election bc voting machines supposedly never connect to the internet. This myth has been debunked by experts.
Becker works for the Georgia Secretary of State.
Becker was also among those who spread the myth that our election system is too decentralized to allow an outcome altering attack. This is false. As noted by Jeh Johnson, “all you’d have to do is go to key precincts in key states.” (See Rigged by @DavidShimer) 1/
Moreover, county election management systems (which include the county central tabulators and are also used to program every voting machines in the county before each election) provide a central point of attack. 2/
Becker advises Michigan Secretary of State @JocelynBenson who has thus far declined to remove the cellular modems that her predecessor installed in MI’s precinct ballot scanners. They connect to the internet. Did Becker tell her that they don’t or that they are not a concern?! 1/
If not, why hasn’t she removed the modems?! #RemoveTheModems 2/
Becker is the founder and executive director of the Center for Election Innovation and Research, to which Zuck just donated $50M per the article.
Becker is literally partners with Georgia’s Secretary of State, one of the worst vote suppressors one the country who plans to count QR code’s as votes. Becker has vociferously defended this crap system.
“Review finds Wisconsin voting equipment at times connected to internet, potentially vulnerable”
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