DOD's 2020 China military power report contains some new missile and nuclear tidbits. Here's a discussion of a shift to rotational alerts for mobile missiles and launch-on-warning for silo-based missiles (p. 88, h/t @NarangVipin):
An article I wrote in 2015, which appeared in @TheNonproReview, forecast these developments and discussed their implications for strategic stability.
The DF-26 IRBM comes up repeatedly, too, as @wslafoy was quick to note. On p. 56, it's called a "multi-role" missile "designed to rapidly swap conventional and nuclear warheads."
But p. 73 of the DOD also refers to an anti-ship "variant" of the DF-26, perhaps implying that there is a dedicated ASBM type, one that doesn't do warhead swaps.
It's nice to get some validation of these judgments! But it's also not so nice. On balance, neither launch-on-warning nor multirole missiles help us to avoid nuclear war. Each makes miscalculations more dangerous. (end)
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