mewgulf’s love language: a thread 💓
love language: “ways we show love and interpret love back. it’s the language we speak when expressing love. because the action of loving is different for everyone.” there are 5 of them: words of affirmation, quality time, giving gifts, physical touch, and acts of service.
lemme put this out there, if we all loved the same way the world would be boring. the beauty of each of us having specific love languages is the fact it shows we all may love differently but at the end of the day we still share one thing in common. LOVE.
after stanning mewgulf for quite sometime now ive noticed there’s been an ongoing discussion abt how they show their love to eo, so i thought i’d make this thread for fun 😊 to give my take on their love languages gives and how they balance eo out.
mew’s love languages in my opinion, are physical touch, giving gifts (they don’t have to be huge or luxurious at all), and words of affirmation. i find it adorable how affectionate he is,, and to me it’s bc his primary love language is through physical touch.
bc physical touch is probably his primary love language, it makes sense why he’s such a naturally cuddly person. it’s his way of showing his appreciation and love to others especially gulf whos the main recipient of his affection. (*coughs* mgpfg)
by having his hand or any of his skin in contact with gulf whether it’s touching his waist, rubbing his tummy, resting his leg/ foot against him, or simply cupping/ massaging the back of his neck while they sit etc it establishes emotional intimacy without even having to speak.
so no, i don’t believe it’s because he’s just being clingy (tho i see nothing wrong with that regardless), but it’s moreso just his way of showing his love. as we all know, physical touch is a way to build a bridge and increase feelings of connectedness with your partner
next, is words of affirmation. basically that means simply complimenting your partner, encouraging them, saying you miss them etc (does this sound familiar 🌚) ex: CUTMR MUSM, “nong is the cutest” and in this clip you can see him encouraging gulf to sing 🥺
lastly, giving gifts! simply showing his support to gulf by sending him flowers on important days! we all know mew is a detailed person who gives things with meaning, so by him gifting him red roses on their 500 day anniversary and on an important day for g? speaks volumes ❤️
now, gulf’s love language is very interesting to me! because he’s an introvert, he shows his love in ways that are sorta different from mew BUT also very similar. i believe that his love languages are, words of affirmation, quality time, and acts of service.
first things first, let’s talk about introverts bc i think some ppl misunderstand things concerning gulf’s personality a lot. pls take into consideration introverts have their own ways of showing love and just bc you may not understand that doesn’t mean they love ppl less.
unlike extroverts, introverts take in a lot of different things before opening up to others. it takes more time and effort to get an introvert to open up bc they’re naturally reserved people. social settings can effect them bc they’re sensitive to others and their energy.
what’s on the surface isn’t what’s as important to them, if anything they prefer the deeper meaning of things & bc of that they don’t dive into lots of “small talk”, or form bonds w/ others immediately. it takes time for them to trust, bc when they do? that bond is everlasting.
bc introverts don’t trust easily,, the bonds & relationships they form w/ ppl have a very huge impact on them, which is why it’s very important for ppl to not question his motives or whether or not he’s being genuine when this man has gone out of his comfort zone to show his love
we see instances where g is touchy, but genuinely speaking i don’t think we even see a fraction of his affection towards m simply bc as an introvert he prefers to show those things in private. his way of showing he understands mew’s love lang. is by accepting his affection always
reminder bc i can NOT stress this enough. accepting someone’s physical affection when you naturally shy away from it is huge. pls give him more credit. he’s came out out of his shell ALOT thanks to mew working for months to help him open up. so pls don’t hassle him!
-words of affirmation: g has said he shows his feelings through his eyes which is true! BUT, i also believe he does through his words. he may be shy but he is very blunt, when he encourages mew/ compliments his looks & his work! words are definitely one of his love languages.
i think quality time is another one of gulf’s love languages too. basically it means giving that person your undivided attention no matter what. and if there’s one thing gulf can do? it’s listen. m recently said gulf used to be stubborn now he listens to him.
gulf has even taken into account the fact mew likes someone who always surprises him, and allows them to be spoiled by him and has in return gone out of his way to do just that and accept all the things mew has done for him with open arms 💖
i’ve noticed gulf stops what he’s doing to listen to m & has even told him in lives that they can talk abt things that interest m afterwards, which is a way of him showing his love to mew by letting him know he’s got his attention and takes interest in his words always.
lastly, is acts of service/ giving gifts again whereas we mainly see mew showing his love through touch, g seems to mainly show his through actions. ex: the elephant surprise, roses for the opening of MSS, the bunny bride, showing up with roses to mew’s press conference etc etc.
all in all, i think it’s amazing how both mew and gulf have taken into account each other’s love languages and embrace them. on top of that they communicate, and have worked hard to understand eo. the way they balance eo so well is why i believe they thrive sm as a couple 💓
mew working hard to understand gulf and to let him slowly open up to him on his own means a lot. and gulf taking the time to understand mew and his ways and not let things from the past hinder how he views him is beyond beautiful. that’s trust. that’s a healthy relationship ❤️
i strongly believe mewgulf show all 5 love languages, but the ones i listed above i think may be their primary ones! hope you guys enjoyed this thread! I’ve been wanting to make it for awhile now 💓💓
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