Carmen Rivera posted a video about half an hour ago (around 12:15 EST today 9/1/2020).

It appears Sophie has been removed from her mother's custody.
Dallas protest 2 pm today. It's hard to get details. I got this from the video.
People involved:
Judge: Lori Hockett 255th Court District
Grandmother: Kim Mitton
Mother: Kelly Long
Boyfriend: Jacob Wayne Bellington
Father: Michael Long
Step Mom: Kourtney Chalmers
Lawyer: Rachel Li
Officer Michael Spoke to: Corporal Plummer
Boyfriend: Jacob Wayne Bellington
Contact Information
Frisco Police Department
Why hasn't he been arrested if he was accused of sexually assaulting a minor?
Frisco PD on Facebook
Here is the short version of the video where Sophie clearly states the abuse.
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