Fascism is not *just* about the consolidation of power.

It’s also about expanding/maintaining those systems which allow for power to be consolidated, while eroding any systems that stand in the way of power consolidation. 1/4
Looking at the political/corporate nexus of power in the US through this lens, it’s quite clear that both parties have been complicit in paving the road to fascism for decades.

From bipartisan expansions of executive power... to universal capitulation to corporate power. 2/4
The MSM’s ahistorical, ‘Trump in vacuum’ presentation of how we go to where we are lacks any substantive historical or systemic analysis & thus neither gives us the tools to truly fight fascism nor prevent fascism in the future. 3/4
The very fact that the MSM is entirely owned & controlled by corporations & the 1% is a huge part of the problem: they will never give us the historical & systemic analysis necessary to dismantle the very systems that allow their owners continued power & profit. 4/4
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