Since the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Office ( #LASD) is in this week's cycle, maybe a look back at a small sampling of their egregious violence:
Here's a thread about #LASD's so-called "deputy cliques" (nazi death-cult gangs.) I started the thread in 2018, but it actually starts with the murder of #DontaTaylor in 2016 and continues to #AndresGuardado this year.
In 2018, #LASD had a rampage weekend where they killed two people and nearly killed another. One of the people they killed was a 16 year old named Anthony "AJ" Weber; another "ghost gun" incident, apparently.
More on #AnthonyWeber:
Here, @desertborder did a solid introductory thread immediately after the murder of #AndresGuardado this year about why nobody should believe a word #LASD says:
For the past few years, #LASD has "pivoted to bodycameras" after their crimes - complaining that they lack resources to be transparent (despite a regular practice of seizing and sitting on any footage that *does* exist.) They're now getting bodycams.
Sorry. That 2018 rampage I referred to was incorrect. They killed three people and shot four between a Saturday and a Tuesday.
Remember when everyone was paying keen attention to the mysterious rash of "suicides" by Black men in public places, just as the uprising was kicking off? Well, #LASD murdered the brother of one of those lynching victims - Robert Fuller.
Some years back, #LASD ran a real-time aerial surveillance program over #Compton - without telling anyone (including local political leaders.) When confronted, they said Compton was already saturated with cameras, so nobody had an expectation of privacy.
Whenever there's a high-profile police murder, #copaganda media tend to seek out "use of force" experts to help justify police violence. The #LASD and LA media are no different.
#LASD (and #LAPD) have lots of officers with "credibility issues." Their partner in the LA DA's office, Jackie Lacey, never seems to find that problematic.
Did I mention the long-serving former Sheriff Lee Baca is in prison? Because that's a (somewhat big, I'd think) thing.
When #LASD deputies aren't torturing people in the nation's largest jail system, planting guns, murdering them to get initiated into their "cliques" and all the other things they do, they're literally robbing dispensaries.
LAPPL gets a lot of attention (the LAPD's "union"), but ALADS - the Association for Los Angeles Deputy Sheriffs - does pretty solid work keeping do-nothing prosecutors like Jackie Lacey from ever doing anything.
Anyway, some of you seem to think "jailing killer cops" would solve our problems. Los Angeles jailed the leadership of the Sheriffs Department - and here we still are.
Did I mention the #LASD's neonazi deputy gangs are so pervasive, they literally beat the shit out of other deputies and only face internal disciplinary measures?
I feel like this thread is a disservice because it only goes back to 2018ish. I'll be back on it in about two hours...
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