Nebraska is now the only state in the country that chose NOT to ask for a maximum allotment of food stamps (SNAP) for participants during a global pandemic with thousands of Nebraskans without jobs. So much for "Nebraska nice" @GovRicketts.
Call the Governor's office and ask him why he is letting folks go hungry and forgoing essential relief during a global pandemic.
While you are at it, ask him why it took 18 months longer than any other state to expand Medicaid.
Might as well ask why people suffering from cancer, parkinson's, or seizures why he is opposed to them having access to medicine proven to help, like medical marijuana.
Or maybe bring up the fact that hundreds of people each week across the state are still being evicted, like the gentleman I met last week whose business closed due to COVID and couldn't pay his rent on his trailer home - something completely within the Governor's power to stop.
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