Stop hating on FLs by saying they're "weak". No one can be strong every moment of their life. Everyone is allowed to break down, to fall weak.

You don't get to dump on someone by calling them weak when they find out they can't be parent when they were so excited to become one.
It's a very natural reaction to the news to fall weak, to cry, to push people, to have a breakdown. Wouldn't you be that way too if you found out that one thing you've been dreaming about, been so excited for, has been taken away from you for no fault of your own?
You wouldn't like someone judging you then, would you? How dare you judge others for them same then? You don't get to define what's strength and what's weakness. So stop it.
The internalized misogyny is really showing. Y'all don't like women who talk too much, who always stand up for themselves, who call out others for hurting them. But y'all don't like women who cry, who keep their head down either.
WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM FLs? What level of perfection is required? What is the meaning of perfect, but not too perfect? What is the meaning of flawed? What is growth? You don't like to see anything on FLs. Y'all just fuxking see them as a love interest for the ML.
You want them to romance with their partners at the drop of a hat, but then y'all also accuse them of "seducing" the ML to get their way. You want them to support the ML, but y'all also question every decision they take. WHAT IS ENOUGH FOR YOU? LITERALLY WHAT?
Actually yk what? Fuck everything else. Y'all can even make an assault the fault of the victim and not the perpetrator, and that's a low I never thought itv twt would reach, but I have seen that, so what the fuck can one even expect from y'all?
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