I don't know who need to hear this, but Antifa/BLM started bringing GUNS to their riots weeks ago.

They've been shooting at people for some time now in places like Utah, Georgia, Portland and Dallas.

Hell they even shot each other in Colorado & Atlanta.
The only thing different in the last week was in Kenosha where armed citizens started showing up with their own guns.

I **strongly** encouraged people NOT to do that.

And so here we are.
Kyle Rittenhouse ended up having to shoot 3 people, 2 of them fatally in Kenosha and a Trump supporter was summarily executed in Portland.

2 things that were 100% avoidable.
So I'm going to say this again as clearly as I can: do not seek these lunatics out. Do not travel to another state to place yourself in their path.

Do not bring and DISPLAY WEAPONS when you place yourself where they can see you.

They **will** attack you. You will die or kill.
And now a perfect example of what I'm talking about.

I'm almost certain this was a small group of counter-protesters who successfully managed to get the FAR LARGER & VERY VIOLENT MOB'S attention.

I don't think this went how they anticipated. https://twitter.com/MauriceWendt1/status/1300820217883394055?s=20
What was the expectation here?

They'd be ignored? They'd take turns yelling into each other's faces?

As you can see, that's not how it went down.

How many times do people have to watch this same kind of scene play out before it sinks in?

I will amend my earlier statement. You **might** not have to kill somebody and you might not die.

Instead, you MIGHT be allowed to VERY QUICKLY WALK AWAY while the violent angry mob follows after you, just as we see in this video.
I mean, if THIS is your goal, you want to PUT YOURSELF in the position Mr. Spartan and US Flag lady are in here have to fast-walk away from a large violent mob following after them, well OK it's a free country.

You're going to make your own choices.
I'm just saying THIS IS NOT SMART.

This is not going to go how certain people FANTASIZE that it will.

Reality isn't interested in your fantasies.

These people are violent, they are crazy, and in these blue cities they will OUTNUMBER you.
Chad Wolf just confirmed that DHS has been compiling records and data on these anarchist groups for months and are now sharing what they compiled with the DOJ, and the domestic terrorism task force lead by several US Attorneys.

Most of these "patriots" running around right now trying talk us into going into the streets with our rifles and handguns to seek out Antifa/BLM use as their main talking point "We have to do this because TRUMP IS DOING NOTHING."

This is a lie.
A massive crackdown has been prepared for months to roll up the entire Antifa/BLM networks. For several weeks now the feds & local authorities working with them have been grabbing domestic terrorists who **crossed state lines** to commit their crimes.

Portland Antifa in DC!
These are **federal cases**.

The local Soros-funded DA's and Mayors and governors **can't do a thing** to stop the coming crackdown.
There will be simultaneous raids all over the country as those who organized, funded, communicated & transported the domestic terrorism are arrested and indictments are unsealed.

They made it BLATANT and they started leaving paper trails all over the place, plane tickets, etc.
You travel from one state to another to commit a pre-planned felony, hey that's a federal crime.

And when you're doing in **concert** with others to commit these federal felonies while crossing state lines, what's that called?

It's called a **federal criminal conspiracy**.
I fully understand you have people out there pumping up your skepticism, saying that President Trump & AG Barr were just blowing smoke up all our asses back in late May/early June when they said the feds were going to start investigating/tracking down these anarchist groups.
Don't lose your head.

We have 60 days to the election.

Trump's got this.

Even the media's fake polls can't hide Biden/Dem's cratering & Trump/GOP's growing base.

A **lot** is happening before the election gets here.
ICYMI: Here's Chad Wolf talking about the hand off DHS recently made to the DOJ about all the 'anarchist group' records & evidence it's been collecting for the past few months. https://twitter.com/chiIIum/status/1300592826170908675?s=20
Yup. https://twitter.com/chiIIum/status/1300591518944825345?s=20
So when "patriot" accounts show up trying to tell you you're a coward for not traveling to a blue city in utter chaos right now due to Democratic gov's, mayors, DA's, deliberately subverting rule of law & 'showing patriotism' by placing yourself in the path of a violent mob?
Tell them STFU.

The professionals will handle this.

All you need to do is get you and about a dozen friends ready to vote in person on Nov. 3.

Addendum: and there's a couple hundred more coming. And these won't be the street level crazies, either. https://twitter.com/CBS_Herridge/status/1300808699808829441?s=20
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