The data on electronic pollbooks, compiled by @VerifiedVoting tells us that the top two providers of e-pollbooks are KnowInk, a little-known company launched in 2011 by former election official, and ES&S, which is also the top voting machine company in the country. Here's a map:
"The devices often communicate wirelessly with each other and with backend voter registration databases, offering a potential pathway for hackers who get onto that wireless network to delete or alter voter records—to indicate falsely, for example, that someone has already voted"
"Hackers could also manipulate voting machines via pollbooks... A hacker could potentially cause an e-pollbook to embed malicious commands in the voter access card, barcode or QR code that some of those devices use to convey instructions to the voting machines"
"Some pollbooks can be remotely locked or disabled by election staff, raising the possibility that a malicious actor could do the same" to shut down the devices, create long lines at polling places and disenfranchise voters.
In 2018 midterms in Johnson County, Ind., voters waited 2-3 hrs when ES&S pollbooks slowed/froze. Other states using same pollbooks also slowed. Turns out all ES&S pollbooks in US were using same cloud server to sync providing single point of failure when demand exceeded capacity
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