If you are an early career scientist, & looking to apply for the next step - it's really important that you get some mentors to help you through the next steps.

I know that this this is rubbish - as it implies you need access to networks+mentors, & that's discriminatory (ergh).
I make this suggestion as if you are applying for the next step the way you will initially write an application will be likely different to what you could write with a bit of advice & a sounding board. This should be part of your training story.
If you are applying for fellowships, or independent research money, then you will want informal peer review (via mentor) to ensure clarity in how you communicate what you want to achieve in the fellowship - the future idea that you have & need to convince others is worth funding.
Generally speaking, I'd advise that the 'vision' you want to 'sell' in the fellowship proposal is "where do YOU want to be" in X years time - and how will this project help you achieve that.
You should have the confidence to assume an evaluation team will consider that you are a suitable scientist, with the right background, from the start.

Build the future story, and supplement with your experience when you need to draw on it. They will probably have your CV too.
In any proposal - do not discount the value of figures - even if it's just a timeline.

You can compress a significant amount of text, give the reader a break, and demonstrate that 'you get the big picture' of your proposal.

Again - ask for feedback, from more than 1 person...
Also be aware that your mentors are busy people - juggling zillions of things (especially in the pandemic) - so be prepared to not get feedback from all of them, the quality of the feedback to be varied, and be specific about what you need and when you need it.
Finally, cultivate your mentors - getting a cold request out of the blue is pretty strange - so give them a heads up sooner, find people who want to engage with you and your work - the more the mentor knows about you/is interesting in your work, the better the support will be.
Also applying for money - writing proposal documents - and persuading people - is huge chunk of my job.

Learning these skills early - how to lean on others, how to articulate what you want to do, and more - is important.
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