Will be exposing the way SAST works in KA to defraud legitimate claims of Pvt hospitals especially #Covid

It looks like secretary level officers or their higher ups that is their political bosses have instructed them to reduce payments to hospitals by whatever means possible.
It is not about ACE Healthcare group at all, we can proudly say we took care of many Covid patients in our ICU.

It is the Political bosses who said they will pay Pvt Hospitals and we should give them 50% of beds. Some of my friends were threatened with arrest when they delayed
These Political bosses who said they will be with us and ensure charges will be paid are nowhere to be found now. It has become one way street for those in govt to suck dry the resources of Pvt entities especially in Healthcare.

Cost of everything has gone up but govt won't pay
In our case we run a Affordable healthcare system trying to give corporate quality care at low prices. We try to achieve using various methods but we were not prepared for this defraud by govt at all.

You can never do the work of govt & get paid for it in India - YES, It is true
We have been paid at average cost of Rs 2666/day for few patients who were managed in our ICU. They have ridiculous reasons to justify it. I said i have proof in CCTV that we took care of the patient in ICU and as per Govt I should be paid at 8500/day

I am told CCTV is not proof
How do we transact with a govt whose main aim is to defraud you? They hide behind guidelines which were never showed to us in first place.

There is absolute moral bankruptcy & it is at the very core of governance in Karnataka.

This fight is not over, This is just the beginning
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