I have an entire lever arch file of notes on people who died after being sanctioned or denied benefits; I knew this was going to be difficult bt JFC someone has to be held accountable for this deliberate & callous denial of basic needs to the most vulnerable people in our society
Too much here to even know where to begin. DWP destroying records of claimants who committed suicide. Targets for sanctions. Referring to sanctions charts as a ‘league table’. Seemingly immune to any form of accountability. I want to scream at the top of my lungs until I’m sick
I can only hope that somehow through this burning fury I can do these stories justice, brand them into the consciousness of those callous enough to make the decisions that caused them in the first place. I started out as a political writer. And I’m back and I’m big fucking mad.
I don’t care if I never sell another cookery book again. This is the shit that matters. Bollocks to being marketable, bollocks to being clean enough to be stocked in the nice supermarkets. Plenty of food writers out there can handle a can of beans. I’m not playing nicely any more
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