1. At least 2.5 Cr aspirants prepare for and write govt job and bank exams every year. However there are two problems competition is getting tougher by day & there are fewer jobs
#SpeakUpForSSCRailwayStudents & #DeclareSSCCGLresult
2. The total number of employees has dropped from 32.69 lakh in 2003 to 26.30 lakh in 2012 in the Central Government Services.

3. In the Central Public Sector Enterprises, the number of jobs has decreased from 18.1 lakh in 2011 to 14.86 lakh in 2014.

4. In the case of CSE too, the number of vacancies has come down by 30%, from 1,291 in 2014 to 896 in 2019

5. We also have plan of minimum government and steady privatisation which will reduce the number of govt jobs in due course.

6. "If privatisation or shrinking govt jobs is right or wrong, will it create employment or no" is another debate altogether.

7. What is important is to assuage the grievances of the aspirants' community and ensure smooth recruitment process

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