As a MA resident, might as well say why I voted for @EdMarkey in the #MASen primary.
1.) Climate change is a big deal. Markey's been *the* leader on it in Congress. Obviously with regard to the #GreenNewDeal but he's also the Markey in Waxman-Markey.
Markey can push for ambitious measures to include in upcoming bills. But he's also probably the person who is best positioned to get the left accept any necessary compromises.
2.) Kennedy is mostly running on spending more time in the state, especially Western MA (which is often neglected by statewide politicians), and doing better constituent service.
FWIW, I see Markey at events fairly often (I live like a mile away from him - maybe Western MA folks have a different experience). I know he's pushed hard for local initiatives like the Green Line Extension.
It's hard to take Kennedy's claims seriously with the high profile "Worchester" and Quabbin Reservoir gaffes.

Maybe that's a little unfair.
But more broadly, while constituent service is important, I expect the Massachusetts Senators to focus on pushing through federal legislation.
I want our legislators to take John Winthrop's charge to Massachusetts seriously - "We shall be as a city upon a hill, the eyes of all people are upon us."
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