The world's most popular assets
Encouraged by the great feedback we received when we had a look at the most popularly-searched for assets in America – we’ve gone and done the same for the whole world.

For the month of July, EURUSD was the most enquired about symbol, taking the top slot in 140 countries.
EURUSD was eight times more popular than its closest rivals Tesla (17) GBPUSD (14) and BTCUSD (13).

Tesla rules in America, but it’s also incredibly popular in Canada, New Zealand, Saudi Arabia, and Greenland.

Meanwhile, Apple was the most popular symbol in Taiwan only.
There were other country-specific outliers: Russia’s most popular asset was Sberbank, Brazil the Ibovespa Index and India the Nifty 50 Index.
Perhaps most interesting of all, our data shone a little spotlight (as you’d imagine, search volume is low) on the most popular market interests of locations little associated with trading, including:

North Korea: BTCUSD
The Vatican: TRGP
Antarctica: TSLA
We hope you enjoyed this thread.

We'll keep doing more like it.

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